The Ultimate Holiday Dessert Spread • Tasty

The Ultimate Holiday Dessert Spread • Tasty
The ultimate holiday dessert spread that has a little something for everyone! Shop the NEW Tasty Merch: Subscribe to Tasty: …

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  1. LongJohn Flanders says

    I'm going to make everything in this video. @.@
    The best part about the lil sweet potato pies is that the more you repeat the process after buttering then sugaring with all those pie seasonings again and again; the flavor would only be better! <3
    Dammit, I love you tasty you clever bastards!

  2. Jack Fennell says

    They won't pin this

    Like they literally won't

  3. Janordan U says

    Stop jizzing on the apple pie. Flagged

  4. Lucilia Rodrigues says

    Say the first word that comes to your head when I say


  5. Lindsay Gilliss says

    Could we have something a little more 'fresh'? Like a light fluffy fruit instead of all this heavy cream cheese and pumpkin?

  6. Sophie Toon says



    Wow you are always the best
    Please Look at my nephew cooking alone😍😍

  8. Aarushi Padhi says

    Why are all the comments so fake.

  9. Easylicious says
  10. the diamond horse says

    Why are there so little comments?

  11. Tiggee says

    It’s like we have time

  12. Maciek Maxi says

    I don't care some of them are reuploads, I've never known that some of these recipes been existing until today

  13. Super, Awesome…..
    For Reused material craft and Home decor ideas, watch my channel and send your feedback…………..

  14. savi mano says


  15. RJFlute says

    what happened to the production budget? The food presentation is so sloppy, you'd think the video is actually in real-time, and they just naturally worked that fast…

  16. Kitty Kat says

    I love apples- in fact I'm eating one rn. But I don't like apple pie. I'm probably in the minority with that one tho

  17. Melisa Lopez says
  18. me me says

    How to keep an idiot busy 😆

  19. Brynna Lindsey says

    I'm early. I'll leave you with no further information. I'll see you in 2020 fellow wanderers.

  20. Famajawad says

    These videos are getting faster and faster If anyone actually cooked these by the videos they’d go mad

  21. Kate Rose says

    I can’t eat the ones with apples (I get migraines from them)

  22. Miniature Worlds says

    😊 nice video 🌺✨

  23. stefani thomas says

    Looks tasty I love food so much

  24. Poonam smart kitchen says



    Yummy! Who's craving for some sweet treats now? 🙂

  26. I really want to eat😀😀

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    Make something cool for the end of 2019

    If you read this than you will win the lottery in the next 5 years.👍

  28. blck doppleganger says


  29. blck doppleganger says


  30. AND I OOP 101 says

    Am I too late?

  31. Natalia says

    Ohhhh mmmmm I loveeee apple pie ❤ I love it all😖

  32. LocalJax ASMR says

    Wow this is really awesome desserts spread recipe.

  33. ElishaFord says

    I need a video of just lemon desserts

  34. nuvamusic says

    Pumpkin, sweet potatoes and apples are all delicious fillings 😋

  35. Raschel Hansen says

    Yum yum!

  36. Nasser Hamad says

    Why are there so many fake bots asking for subs

  37. Julie Hart says

    Where do you find written recipes? Thanks! 🍰

  38. Dazzling In the Kitchen says

    I would have to add my DELIGHTFULLY DELICIOUS SWEET POTATO PIE to this list honey! 😘🥧

  39. Dapur Biru says

    Who else love Tasty?

    I make cooking videos as well. Let's support each other guys!

  40. My 5 Cats 2019 says

    What I if told you

    You that read wrong

    That too

  41. AARUM's KITCHEN says

    Oh so yummy 😋

  42. Henry Bascombe says

    Stop making that cinnamon roll pie. It’s disgusting!

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