THERE ARE TWO TYPES OF GIRLS || Best Funny Situations by 123 GO!

THERE ARE TWO TYPES OF GIRLS || Best Funny Situations by 123 GO!
In todays day and age, there are two types of women. They’re either put together and poised, or they’re a little more, uh, down to earth…. Which girl are you?

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  1. Bimi says


  2. Ebony Holmes says

    2:43 that is so me

  3. Mohithvaruni Ankamova says

    I am both halfs girls

  4. Khryz Phaurah says

    Im the first girl

  5. Im a half emily and a half olivia like if ur the same

  6. Rekha Dekakakati says

    I am balanced

  7. Gacha Cookie UwU says

    Wow Im the Olivia type! On Halloween I just like to wear any dress and on Snapchat I only make the most funny stuff but sometimes also cute stuff so yeah! 😂
    Btw who's better?
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  8. Mala Mu says

    Im olivia more bicouse i wear black

  9. Amin Ahwazi says

    I’m going to go back and u

  10. Amin Ahwazi says

    I’m so so sorry to be upset and I don’t wanna have fun with your dad I just am going back and I’ll be back at my house in about a week or two ago and I’m going back and I don’t wanna have a lot to worry ima was the last day you got a lot to go to do that xD is that I am not telling xD I am going back and I just am going back and I’ll be fine xD was a great time and I’m so so proud to have a good time and I’ll try and be happy to be with my dad to do it more and more I don’t have a good job and I’ll worry about you and you have a lot of time and I’m going back and I don’t wanna know you have to do it I just am going back and I’ll be back in a bit and

  11. Amin Ahwazi says

    I’m not going back I’ll try and try not telling her I don’t wanna know that I am not telling her that you have a good friend and I want a good job I just am telling her I am going back and she doesn’t want me going to bed xD I was like a girl and that’s what she said I gotta drink and I’ll

  12. Amin Ahwazi says

    I’ll be back at the ph of you at seven if you wanna I would love you to join my birthday party at the end of my day and xD

  13. Sylejman Dauti says

    3:50 i'm Olivia i love sneakers

  14. Amin Ahwazi says

    I am going to try and do it a try and type something in a few minutes before it comes in the next time I’m going back and I’ll be sure you wanna know how

  15. Amin Ahwazi says

    Yeah I’m not telling you xD was the last time we were talking about the last thing we had to do is just fine to go

  16. Amin Ahwazi says

    Hi my friend Isn’t was your time xD was a way you just wanna come to stay in touch and I’ll be fine I just got back

  17. Kashaf Ali says

    Like Olivia

  18. the sweet unicorn always sweet says

    I'm I am really crazy!! If you are crazy like me press thumb up!

  19. nemrac gniuqas says

    I'm Olivia don't really like girly stuff 😒😒

  20. Aamna Majid says

    Umm interesting ok 123 go is the besttt

  21. Vira's World says

    Omg i ❤️ 🍕 if for dinner and lunch

  22. Myriam Maroun says

    I am like Emelly

  23. Oliwia Krol says

    I vote Emily
    Like 👍

  24. Vira's World says

    I have Snapchat too

  25. thafsira kp says

    Who like 123 GO hit the like

  26. Salai Loli says

    The girl at the start that came real nice she was seriously super sexy and beautiful

  27. 2 minute prank VS says

    Where hely and mia used to be??

  28. Sophia Lillis says

    Olivia was just retarded tbh

  29. Chen Joie says


  30. Aminath Zeesha says

    I am emily

  31. Nigel Patterson says

    Who else saw the label at 4:38

  32. MalakBunny _GachaYT says

    I would. Love to be Emily she's so cool and sweet

    Like if you are Emily? 😉

  33. ALVEENA ROUF says

    I am like Olivia and l am 10 years old 🤣🤣🤣😂😂

  34. Jasmyn Brown says

    I am olivia

  35. Djuka I Mimi Djujic says


  36. chloe xxcloud says

    I’m Emily

  37. Street Spirit says

    I am on Emily's side 💞
    Who else??

  38. Courtney Pearce says


  39. KIM SOFIE says

    I'm a mixture of those 2 girls.

  40. Algie Dacion says

    Always girl 1

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