Things Americans Do That Confuse the Rest of the World !

Things Americans Do That Confuse the Rest of the World !
Things Americans Do That Confuse the Rest of the World ! SUBSCRIBE and become part of the AzzyLand family 😀 Hello Citizens of Azzyland…. I’m Azzy and …

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  1. Alexa Summ says

    I live in Britain and we have on and off switches on our plugs. I did some research and it said if you have four plugs without switches and only use one, you should lose about 300 watts an hour, and apparently it adds $270 to your electrical bill.

  2. Zoe McGregor Meilleur says

    canada is not a part of the u.s.a!!!!

  3. Ari_is _scary says

    OK first of all none of these are true like at all. America is no different than other states. They try to make America sound like a bad state but its one of the best. Whoever did this must hate America because this isn't right. Like what's wrong with coins having names? Like a penny, what's wrong with calling it that? And America is not the only state that eats big portions of food. Most states do and its sad to see people trying to make America stand out as a bad state.

  4. Super Rittna says

    Isn`t that slavery?

  5. Jaxson Coad says

    In Australia we use swiches in our power point

  6. Matilda B says

    I just keep going on… everything is so confusing. The waitress just took my drink and I was so offended I had some left and was pleasantly surprised when it came back full again! Yes different colours for money are so useful and the 1 dollar notes are weird we just have a coin for ours pound. ! I am just writing stuff when Azzy says it. Yes! The sales taxes are soooooooo annoying! Yeah lemonade at home is delicious!!

  7. Matilda B says

    I went on holiday to America and I couldn’t finish anything bc portions were so big. Oh and because Azzy just said it when tipping we were so confused!!!!!

  8. Joanne Gill says


  9. Lydia Jones says

    Omg in others countrys collage is FREE!?……..should I move?

  10. Lydia Jones says

    I live in America and none of this is weird 😂

  11. muhida rahman says

    Leget azzy is a legend this is how many people want to meet and azzy

  12. Nick Brooks says

    I am half Canadian

  13. Emilia El Clapp says

    They have on/off "outlets" in england too

  14. Iulia 2580 says

    I am from Romania never come here is horrible!(never move in Romania)

  15. Lawy Faruq says


  16. Emily Wallace says

    Fried Mars bars is only one of all the foods they make in America I live in America and they fry OREOS AND SNICKERS and they just pour sugar on them and they are THE BEST

  17. Epic WOLF says

    1:00 is kinda correct one time I went to a restaurant and I ordered chicken parmigiana and it was bigger than my head lol

  18. Lulu Mandatory says

    Here in Aussie, we have on and off buttons

  19. Narein Vignesh says

    Um… financial aid?

  20. Tonya Wheelington says


  21. Kristjan Kamzarov says

    We have euros and cents

  22. Lesley Quirke says

    I didn’t mean to send that I just can’t talk today I’m sorry I was an accident

  23. Lesley Quirke says

    Really wanna meet as you land a a ZieZie Y

  24. Lesley Quirke says


  25. IAmCorgi ._. says

    I live in us and normally we aren’t expected to tip, when I visited Europe, this taxi person wouldn’t leave until we tipped him, and even AFTER we gave him the tip he insisted for more.

  26. Kairi Lyons says

    In my land every one will drink from blue cups

  27. Elicia Liddell says

    In Australia we have on and off switches on power outlet POWER⚡️✨🌟💫-PHONE CHARGER📲⌚️💻📷🖥-BATERY SAFED🔋🔋🔋🔋=👍🏻📱

  28. Oliver Rigo says

    Wat about boys ad green or blue

  29. sarah & cleo says

    do you live in they Netherlands???

  30. Anna Barth says

    The reason why the government won’t give us (Americans) free education or healthcare is because the taxes we pay would be higher and a lot of people are already struggling with the taxes now. And a lot of people don’t like the fact that it’s not benefiting them, like my grandfather said “I didn’t go to college cause I couldn’t afford it, so why should I give up my hard earned money to something that I wasn’t offered?”

  31. Karin Kwok says

    I have a on and off button

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