This Designer Makes Zero-Waste Clothes

This Designer Makes Zero-Waste Clothes
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  1. Beth Morton says

    so cool

  2. Mette says

    Yasss awesome idea! ^-^

  3. John Smith says

    Seems like a great idea if they can provide affordable, comfortable clothing. But I imagine that there is a more practical use for all that material that doesn't involve anyone wearing it. Making insulation from it, for instance. Or turning it into stuffing for blankets or dog beds, or making it into patches for pants, or using it as packing materials to protect glass cups and such during transportation, or turned into low-cost emergency blankets for people overseas (sewn together by robots).

  4. Janka Jankechová says

    I own one piece and I love it 😊

  5. esSVee says

    Great concept!

  6. Drea from Venus says

    This is so beautiful, we need more humans like him💜

  7. TheAntiSocialCat says

    Anyone want to help a small YouTuber out by subscribing?

    If u have comment done and I'll sub back. 😋

  8. Story Cox says

    This man is so smart, the world needs more people like him who see that the Earth needs us to help it, not hurt it

    Edit: wow he needs to lower his prices, I'm all for save the Earth but who can pay/would pay $30 for just a patch or better yet $90 for a plain shirt?!

  9. porotakilemo says

    He's so very amazing,

  10. Lauren Schlepp says

    I love your designs! If I had $80 to spend on a t-shirt I would! That's about what I get for a whole outfit…

  11. Rikeilan says

    And here we're not even allowed recycle bins by the council at my house

  12. The Awl-Nighter says

    His prices may be out of budget for some people, but they're very reasonable for the amount of work involved for each piece. Remember that fast fashion brands are able to keep prices low bc they exploit their workers and sell in high volumes. If every piece is unique, the design process starts over with every single piece. I really respect and appreciate the time and patience this must take in order to keep the business running. The amount of waste in the industry is extreme. I couldn't even guess how much waste there is at the company I work for, but we throw out bags and bags of scrap 🙁

  13. Meribell Rätsep says

    This is really cool and wasteless… get it… cuz it’s zero-waste… I have no idea what I’m saying but this awesome. Really got me thinking. ❤️

  14. Tinky Kumar says

    This Is awesome!

  15. Kye Newland says

    If anybody lives zero waste at home, PLEASE make sure to wipe out the carts fully before putting your produce and such in them. I work as a “courtesy clerk” at a grocery store and I’ve seen so many things go into the carts that would disgust you. Trash bags, floor mats, meat without the baggies offered that has leaked… it’s disgusting, and I don’t want anybody getting sick from that

  16. Vicky Leow says


  17. Unicorn Girl says

    Can y'all dislike this comment please

  18. NayLouise24 says

    So many people complaining about price! For what you get and the amount of work that goes into each ONE OF A KIND PIECE, his price is fantastic.

  19. ꧁Ms Wilson꧂ says

    I watched this about 10 minutes after hearing Australian senator and party leader Pauline Hanson very publically deny the presence of climate change and blame it on a conspiracy.
    Thank you, I am feeling a little less frustrated after seeing this video. 😊

  20. Kim T. says

    The cookie reference really worked on me

  21. angelsinthewindow says

    This reminds me a lot of one of Tokyo Street Style, Vintage Remake added to the Colorful layered style.

  22. Eri M says

    This is cool. Good on him.

  23. Crazy 4 Coffee says

    I'd be so proud to make a company that doesnt contribute to our planet's inevitable slow and painful death. Because when you think about it that way we are all killing ourselves.

  24. Figgy Winks says


  25. WendyBird5131 says

    This gave me old-school threadbanger vibes. Well done!

  26. Limp_ Noodle says

    This is definitely a "not all heros wear capes" situation ❤

  27. Courtney Rowe says

    Went to high school with Daniel. Always been impressed by his talent.

  28. Someone Was Here says

    Yes! We need more people and solutions to helping our environment❤️

  29. Erin Tahk says

    0:00 reminds me of BTS Spring day when the members where sitting on top of a huge pile of clothes

  30. Sof PP says

    This is a lovely and wholesome idea but it means nothing because normal people can not afford this clothing. It’s sad environmentally friendly things like this are only available to the upper class

  31. Seriouspains G says

    I feel like for every one person that cares for the environment there's like 5 that don't

  32. Firefly Phoenix Productions says

    love the idea

  33. May Sal says

    I went to Daniel’s website his clothes are amazing but I can’t afford anything going to have to save up

  34. Sherio88 says

    At 100 bucks a shirt? No thanks.

  35. Riley says

    Great idea but pricing is ridiculously high

  36. Rachel baum says

    What he is doing is amazing, I wish bigger companies would get some cop on

  37. Tina Lynn says

    Quilting a shirt or pants neat

  38. Úna says

    this is so pleasing

  39. Zogus Bogus says

    I love this Idea 😀

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