This FOOD Time Lapse Video Will SHOCK YOU

This FOOD Time Lapse Video Will SHOCK YOU
This FOOD Time Lapse Timelapse Video Will SHOCK YOU SUBSCRIBE and become part of the AzzyLand family 😀 Hello Citizens of Azzyland…. I’m Azzy and …

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  1. Hanna Scheen says
  2. Xxlil_RayxX says

    Azzy: the bread is gonna take over the world.
    Donald Trump: But I thought that I was!

  3. Leon Pająk says

    I'm eating and I lost my appetite

  4. Chance Glaze says

    I lost a tooth today

  5. Gacha Girl says

    NO WAY

  6. im gay says

    The hamburger is becoming a furry. And azzy knows

  7. Heni Syafridawaty says


  8. Charles Partrick says

    Useless post

  9. Roblox Gamer says

    F U R R

  10. xx singing xx says

    So pretty much…..azzy torturing herself for 9 mins

  11. RUSLANA STEEL says


  12. Silver Hary says

    Same content with infinite nc

  13. Camille Hartmann says

    Azzy…y did u add the bread in the end? The title is not " look at the AMAZING bread rise! " it is about mold. And if u have a fear of mold then y did u do this video?

  14. Marshall family says

    I have eat a rotten banana

  15. Dj Thorburn says

    I like your video because you’re a good YouTuber Not because I want you to eat that

  16. Denver Naidoo says

    I dare u to do a try not get grossed out

  17. Karina Vlogs says

    Azzy is good at editing

  18. Nella Javana says

    Azzy we must be twins because we gagged at the same time.

  19. Wolfie_ Girl says

    My house has mold on the seeling

  20. Jabulani Bohlokoa says

    infinite's vid

  21. James and Bella Time says

    I'm not shocked I just feel disturbed….

    From 💩

  22. Poochie’s Life says

    Yeah do it!

  23. Tereipani Unuka says

    I live in nd so I have new years first

  24. Pisoiul Cocartz 58 says

    Something tryfiing: THERE ARE DIFREND TYPES OF MOLD SOME ARE DEDLY some are harmless

  25. *-_Daphne _-* says

    My bread doesnt mold after 3 days ._.

  26. Magic Wróźka XD says


  27. Freyja B-W says

    Spaghettioes into oreos

  28. Rainbow lover says

    The bread EWWWW

  29. Midushi Fernando says

    Last video I watched in this decade PS i live in nz so it already 2020

  30. Headedhorseman says

    Extra life for eating 1 item in the video then I'll do it

  31. Moriah Elizabeth Fan says

    Please subscribe to my YouTube channel at Moriah Elizabeth Fan

  32. Libby Licious says

    who else is watching this on new years eve?

  33. Yvonne White says

    At least your not allergic to mold because I am

  34. Malina says

    That's disgusting. I'll never eat anything like that again. Would you please shoot some tweak testing? Thank. 😁

  35. Ahmad AA says

    I left a sandwich in the table and it was🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮🤢🤢🤢

  36. Anonymous says

    Ew the ba

  37. David Okoye says

    In 10000000000 years their will a new unvears and new people

  38. Liisa Maria Värk says

    I was eating when i watched it kinda gross

  39. Fenna Drieghe says

    I love your Chanel i love all your videos love you i look all your video’s ten im 12 year old now im 13 year old

  40. CocoRoot TIGERroot says

    Out of 10.7m 56k dont want you to eat that burger, I guess your eating that burger Azzy XD

  41. Vietnamese Mint says

    Azzy Wipe

  42. Brianna Dorling says

    Oh I got a like, wait that was just me lmao

  43. Naheim Armstrong says

    I thought infinite list did this first

  44. Melina Jones says

    Happy new year everyone!

    Pinch punch

  45. Kailem's Channel says

    We don’t mold we Rot

  46. Sage Salamander says

    I had to google Azzy's fear of mold and apparently it's called mycophobia

  47. Hamid Ali says

    I wase eating 🤮🤢😷🤧🤒

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