This is the CHEAPEST FAMILY ever !

This is the CHEAPEST FAMILY ever !
This is the CHEAPEST FAMILY ever ! SUBSCRIBE and become part of the AzzyLand family 😀 Hello Citizens of Azzyland…. I’m Azzy and welcome to another …

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  1. Zonked MrSmile says

    So i can buy the family gor 1$?

  2. Sheldon C Edward Thibault says

    Todd is very ickghy!

  3. Galaxy Girl says

    This is just wrong.

  4. DeGinger Levi says

    Discasting (you know that English mother meme)

  5. Maddy Animates says

    this comment section is disappointing

  6. Meryl Seerangum says

    Wut are you wearing girl no not trying to hate but no

  7. Lyn Shbaro says

    He actually have an expensive car my mom have the same car she got it from Canada so why can’t he sell his

  8. Whim Persson says

    I like you azzy i live in Sweden in Falun an yestur day a kid set a tras kan on fier near my house an the fier trucks arived at 23:30 so im so tierd

  9. Seven deadly sins Fan says

    He is censored nasty

  10. gacha crystal says

    Your born on February 23th

  11. gacha crystal says

    And your 27 years old

  12. Chewaki Gaming says

    Sub to me I am lonely

  13. Loimaine Gutu says

    Look y are you judging people!!! Thats not right for you, what do you have money to help this man, do you?
    Than stop judging imagine if it were you……. So plss dont judge hes just saving money….

  14. Project X Gaming says

    If i was that kid i would move out of the country or city and live far away. I would find a job and ask someone if he has some place for me to stay. Also im pretty sure driving a car with your clothes on for 2,3 hours is more expensive than not having a car… Its good to save money, but not like this…

  15. Luc Randall says
  16. Ittesaf Yeasir says

    Azzy tell me who is how to basic if you tell me I will subscribe your channel and like all your vids

  17. Ellen Tangadi says

    Hey azzy, next saturday will you do a hack or chalenge with gloom? I just realy want to see more hack and chalenge😀. But i also like ridle🤣
    (I want to be love like u azzy!😘)

  18. Lasder Gaming says

    I have watched this video 10 times its so Fun

  19. Galaxy Defenders says

    The first one he is cheaper than Mr.Krabs 🦀

  20. Cohen Mclellan says

    Your 1 million sub slecial is at 369000 likes

  21. Steevie Collins says

    My parents spend $400 per week on groceries alone. We also wash our school uniform every night but still manage to go on holidays.
    P.S I lover your videos so much!!!🥰❤️

  22. summer sun ssstv says

    You have a jacuzzi, but washing machine and shover is too expensive 👍🏼

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