This Is What Happens When You Re-Upload a YouTube Video 1000 Times!

This Is What Happens When You Re-Upload a YouTube Video 1000 Times!
The 1000 re-upload project. An inside look at how YouTube ruins your video quality! Video #1: Video #2: …

Source Marques Brownlee
  1. CyBorG says

    Just to let you know I watch alot of youtube but the best video quality I have seen is yours 👌❤️

  2. Devansh Bhatt says

    Respect for those crispy 8K videos and efforts to show those details to us. ♥️

  3. 18Me10 says



  4. Evil Panther says

    Boi he really did upload 1000 videos 😅

  5. Tobi Olusola says

    This video is pretty much a trailer for your channel.

  6. Israfil Topi says

    Well shit. From 5GB original 4K video to only 768MB 4K video on YouTube. YouTube is monstrous

  7. Pradhumn Kanase says

    7:24 It becomes clear again.

  8. F41nt13 says

    Dont you want to make a tshirt with the pinkface you? I would buy it

  9. Alireza Baloochi says

    The test channel that includes the test video has 3k subs WTF

  10. Matthew Michaelino says

    wow, u should get a noble prize for this project

  11. Mihir Gami says

    MKB not soo HD now

  12. Hey Daddy says

    I think technically this is the 1001th upload of that video

  13. Yaroslav Semeniuk says

    The most accurate result will be if you record a 4K screen in lossless codec straight from YouTube player, and then convert it to a mega-bitrate h265 file.

  14. Po Russki says

    So what was the file size of the final one?

  15. Ozan says

    Fun fact: This is how you get old. Tiny genetic mistakes of mithosis add up over time causing you to age. 🤗

  16. MohantyJams says

    I always thought you were not human MK, youtube has just proven that you are an alien.. haha

  17. Ayodhya Ram Gurajada says

    One of the best Tech Videos Ever Made

  18. Nedim Talovic says

    Dont let them fool you Marques…you know what I mean.

  19. Manav Desai says

    Hey I'm MKBHD

    No, MKB720p is it!

  20. Manasseh Akshay says

    Where is OnePlus 7T pro first impression vedio, MKBHD??

  21. JH says

    I pay for gigabit internet, I feel like Marques just stabbed me through the heart.

  22. Shady Man says

    Bad! You tested the compression of the download file not the actual quality on the screen. You should have used a high quality screen capture app.

  23. Deven Bhadane says

    Why don't they use middle-out compression?

  24. Falco says

    Techtober guys


    Can you upload a 144p video of yours…….

  26. mahrsl says

    Love the Alvin Lucier homage 🙂

  27. Rahul Biswas says

    This is called a true tech Chanel !❤️

  28. Omaxpa says

    Very interesting video!

  29. letmesleep says

    Special effects

  30. Aashiq Ahamed says

    Why not float plane

  31. FripZ says

    Someone should do this with a copyrighted video and see at which upload it stops being claimed 😉

  32. Stuff Stuff says

    Suprised to see there was actually some progress in youtube's software

  33. FDMtech says

    Magenta Brownlee

  34. Kartheek Dravid says

    here is our tech anthem:


    So, I'm sitting in a room,

    different from the one you're sitting in right now.

    And, I'm recording both the sound of my voice and, am image of myself.

    I'm going to upload it to Youtube,

    Rip it from Youtube,

    And then upload it again,

    Download and upload again

    And, again

    And, again

    Until, all the original characteristics of my voice and my image are destroyed.

    This is a test of Youtube processing in 2019!

  35. Endy_plays says

    Best YouTube video I've watched this week

    Like that's good cus of how many uploads there are

  36. Jes Marwaha says

    If you wanted something higher than 720p, you could have used jDownloader!

  37. pazy says

    Watch it in 144p

  38. Yash thakur RNB says

    Now it'll be alot easier to explain people about the compression on social media. Excellent quality content.

  39. Los Palmas says

    However, does anyone do the following: To check any phone, tablet or TV screen quality, you put a MKBHD video playing

  40. Clover. Pubg says

    Are you waiting for the diamond play button ▶️

  41. Illest Villain says

    You sounded like a weatherman live outside during a hurricane

  42. Janiru says

    This effect would be great if it could be used for filmmaking where a glitching silhouette moves through a room or whatever idk

  43. The Cake Glutton says

    Interesting! I feel that with all the AI and facial recognition available today, they should change their algorithms to preserve the person talking more than the background. Also wouldn’t it possible to tag the video as “already compressed” by YT, and avoid compression altogether after a few re-uploads? I think YouTube has a call to action here.

  44. Brian Wirth says

    MKBHD: Hello guys, MKBHD here. So, I've been uploading this video for the last couple of weeks now.

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