This Pineapple Fried Rice Is So Fresh

This Pineapple Fried Rice Is So Fresh
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  1. toldbynatalie says

    why do I keep torturing myself by somehow always watching these videos at midnight lmao 😩🤤

  2. Daniel Heng says

    I would call this "Tropical Seafood & Pineapple Fried Rice".

  3. steven shaw says

    I like the taste of pineapple

  4. Itxazoa says

    I LOVE this recipe and the presentation.
    Thank you very much for sharing.

  5. Natalia GACHA says

    I want to taste that!! Delicious!!

  6. cHemon says


  7. Hayden Lau says

    Don't use fresh rice when making fried rice. Day old or 2 day old is better

  8. Esra Guler says

    Garlic and pineapple do not go together, Tasty

  9. Tim B says

    Is the shrimp a must? Or would this still turn out alright with chicken?

  10. - Pandatea - says

    I love the mixture of sweet and savory, so this looks delicious!

  11. gooseguse says

    Why do cooks always keep the tails on…

  12. Staying Alive says

    That's a ton of oil

  13. Brittni Rae says

    What is something good to substitute the shrimp with if I'm allergic? Most friend pineapple rice recipes call for it 🙁

  14. Island Neni says

    Leaving the tails on the shrimp, and picked a pineapple that wasn't ripe…okay :/

  15. Lil Sat says

    Pineapple pizza and now fried rice? What pineapple will be the next big thing?

  16. awesome asssdsdlsfdgddf says

    poke Hawaiian bowls are the best!

  17. starlightandpie says

    No food wars comments?

  18. what ?! says

    Shokugeki no Soma? Anyone? 😂

  19. Wendy Kirishima says

    Shokugeki no souma anyone?

  20. Iron ISO says

    Is it fresh enough to meet Ramsey's standard??

  21. qwerty qwert says

    shokugeki no soma? hahaha

  22. Kaori Matsutada says

    Shokugeki no Soma!!!
    Just me?

  23. sheiladleon says

    This dish is actually quite nice if made properly but just looking at this recipe, I know there's gonna be a lack in flavor. No seasoning aside from fish sauce. Yikes. 1 tbsp of fish sauce isn't enough considering the proportion of the rest of the ingredients. Also why do you need so much oil? You're only making about 2-3 servings of fried rice, you don't need 6tbsp of oil and your wok is non-stick anyway. Use day old rice, don't use fresh rice it'll make the dish much too wet.

    I would add soy sauce into the rice as its "cooking," some sugar, black pepper, garlic powder and korean red pepper flakes. You can also add the fish sauce in the same amount.

  24. yes says

    Pineapples are SOOOO delicious

  25. Joy Tang says

    i want to see all of the executive workers of tasty go head to head in a season of masterchef. the ideas of the workers are extremely creative and smart.

  26. Sathapana Rongthong says

    You could fried the pineapple on high heat till it gets a little caramelized then rest it before mixing it all up. I do this when I was still my Mom's apprentice in my Thai restaurant in Thailand and people love it.

  27. izny maat says

    That fried rice is bland af

  28. Sayahasesse hillhill says

    shokugeki no soma

  29. Pasindu Ransika says

    Hey! this is a copy from hotforfood. You guys are copy cats, LOL!

  30. Alicia Edwards says

    That pineapple looks very green, (unripe) so can I use a very golden (ripe) pineapple? Would that mess up the recipe?

  31. Rose Black says


  32. Allie cat 878 says

    Hot for food posted this exact recipe (minus meat) probably 2 weeks ago. Some credit wouldn't hurt lol

  33. array s says

    The amount of cooking oil you use though 😨

  34. Mini Little Cupcake says

    I ate that in Thailand. It was pretty good

  35. LowDStand says

    I've defiantly ate this before in Asia but how it's served and the recipe is wrong.

  36. Preet Raut says

    !! the pineapple on pizza was not enough??

  37. Soňa Tomčíková says

    Could have just linked Hot for food's channel

  38. FoKyAhdaUd3r2x says

    Shokugeki no Soma

  39. Replicanoob says

    I Wish I Could Type Like This And Get Thousands Of Views

  40. Harpreet Jandu says

    STOP PUTTING PINEAPPLE ON SAVOURY SHIT…!!! I'd rather have a bowl of fruit salad on the side or for dessert.

  41. sahar khan says

    This is actually yuk!! I just don't like the combination of prawn n egg with pineapple.

  42. typical wank says

    Why wouldn't they take off the shrimp tails?

  43. Kiyara Weerakoon says

    it seems as though it was pineapple day at buzzfeed today

  44. Valerie Bridrijo says

    it was so satisfying to see the prawns turn red 🍤🍤🍤

  45. Valerie Bridrijo says

    it was so satisfying to see the prawns turn red 🍤🍤🍤

  46. Lil Pear says

    Would it still be fresh if I used a decade old pineapple?

  47. kemi says

    Gordon Ramsay: "Is this fresh?"
    Tasty: "So fresh, sir"
    Gordon: "Fuck m- wait what?"

  48. Literally Just A Crab says

    0:22. What. The. Heck?!?!

    Thas looks so awesome!

  49. Mars Parker says

    That looks delish

  50. Ashani Francis says

    I'd replace thw shrimp with chiken, flavored to go with the pineapple taste.

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