Thoughts Every Woman Has In Target

Thoughts Every Woman Has In Target
I went to Target and didn’t find anything” – No one ever. Check out more awesome BuzzFeedYellow videos! MUSIC Enchanted …

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  1. Laine Busichio says

    Gets a Target ad right before this video Lol

  2. Lucy says

    I would love to go to Target and I’m assuming Walmart is basically just Asda

  3. Bonnie Hundley says

    Anyone stay at Target longer because thankfully it is QUIET in there?

  4. K Marie says

    me in poundland

  5. Tasha Bennett says

    As a college student, I can't relate

  6. Regan LeRoy says

    “This store smells like a higher tax bracket- one that I am not in.”

  7. kimchiflavourred mochi says

    „dish towels. I have dishes“

  8. Maria Caroline says

    So Americanas is the brazilian version of Target?

  9. Paige Sykes says

    “I should redo my room” – totally me!!!😂😂😂

  10. Savannah says

    Anybody else got a target add?😂😂

  11. Louisa Duarte says

    thi girls voice is really annoying

  12. Bella Henkels says

    She was so happy about the pretzels that her voice glitched

  13. Bella Henkels says

    There was a target add before this

  14. Lindsthestudent says

    $200 LATER

  15. Darby Mikaye says

    We now go to the rich brat shopping in target

  16. Tvtjvgvgfhf Fhfufjrhfjhr says

    There was a target advertisement before this 😂

  17. The Killer Quesadillas says

    video: about target
    ad before video: target sale

  18. Shesid Najera says

    I got a target ad before and after the video

  19. WetSock says

    Target ad plays before video

  20. Dancedance Revolution says

    I love target

    Thinks in her head: DOSENT EVERYONE

  21. Ada May says

    I like how I get a target commercial before this 😂😂

  22. Vlogs With John says

    I got a target ad before this video

  23. Genesis Otero says

    my mom tho

  24. Comfy_ Jake says

    Lol got a target commercial before this

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