Thoughts Girls Have When They Masturbate

Thoughts Girls Have When They Masturbate
This is like cracking a safe. A vagina safe.” Check out more awesome BuzzFeedYellow videos! MUSIC You Are My Joy Licensed …

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  1. Mystic Sinner says

    I just worried someone will walk in as I’m doing it.

    Or pick up one of my items I use that I disguised as a house item.

  2. Allyson Smith says

    Me:did I feed the dog?

  3. Allyson Smith says

    So true girl

  4. Min Azumi says

    Me: what if mom bursted into my room?

  5. Travis Bickle says

    Do women force themselves to mastubate or what

  6. Gayathri Nair says

    Charge draining in phone while watching porn with one hand and other working 😂 and in need to find the charger 😂😂
    My internet provider getting to know all about stuffs.. embarrassing feel 🙄
    What if incognito mode is other way of knowing u r secrets 😂
    Btw all other in video are totally relatable 😂

  7. Mr. Camacho says

    This video shows that women can’t concentrate nor focus at all. Thanks Buzzfeed.

  8. Sandra Muncelli says

    Great job— I was rooting for you!

  9. Liar says

    "what if my deeeeeEeeAaaaaad boybestfriend is watching me right noooooowwwwwwww?????!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!"

  10. Hillary Yau says

    I'm a Chinese Canadian girl and I don't think this when I masturbate 😂😂

  11. peppermint darling says

    I'm not a paranoid person but the second I start, It's just "WHAT IF THEY SET CAMERAS UP IN MY ROOM"

  12. fukase your memelord says

    Exactly tho

  13. hemanth d says

    I always feel like my ancestors are watching while I am doing it😬😬😬

  14. mina says

    buzzfeed im ashamed

  15. bbygirl audios says

    As a girl, I can confirm this is NOT true 😂

  16. Publo Discobar says

    I get paranoid my dead relatives are watching from above, and that they’ll tease me when I die and meet them.

  17. Zuzanna Dębska says

    Anyone else masturbating with shower had
    Oh my god this feels amaaazing

  18. Hi Pi says

    OMG I worry all the time that my ancestors are watching….

  19. arOn Rai says


  20. Alex says


  21. My main concern is someone walking in on me…

  22. Kimberly K says

    “Why does everyone need to call me wile I’m trying to find Nemo!!”

  23. peppa pig says

    I love how Kelsey is so goddamn open about everything


    shes so fuckin funny

  25. Michie eee says

    o u c h

  26. amante spagnolo says


  27. STARBEAT1 says

    My body does this weird thing where it doesn't orgasm until like, the next day, is that normal???

  28. P for Prab says

    checks if earphones are plugged in properly 500 times

  29. this girl Is cool says

    I always feel bad and guilty after…

  30. CSRGamer says

    Do women actually think: "oef let me just find my nemo".

  31. Tiger141421 says

    whErE iS My VibRAtOr

  32. Bon Bon says

    Thisssss is weirdly true… We'lllllll some of it…

  33. squaffle says

    Don't worry about your ancestors seeing, they most likely masturbated when they were alive

  34. {class & ass kpop fan} says

    There is always a reason why kpop fans always delete they’re Google and YT search history 😦😏😫

  35. package boy says

    why is this so damn relatable?

  36. {That_ B*tch_Ari} says

    Question for the ladies ever gotten so horny that you couldn't stand up and you were on your period so you couldn't do anything or is that just me

  37. SUGA HOBI says

    I don't masterbate but I watch videos like this

  38. Ave Sushi says

    too relatable

  39. Brooklyn Bitch says

    I can be getting like into it then like something that happened crosses my mind then it gets wired

  40. Brooklyn Bitch says

    True asf

  41. Leta Lestrange says

    Of course they chose Kelsey for this😂

  42. Celeste Ochoa says

    Me: What if people in heaven are watching me? What if my great grandma is watching me? Can they see me? Is there even a heaven?….if there is one, god can you please make sure that when my family/close friends die they won't see this?…please….

  43. Kaylee Morris says

    I always feel like there's a camera in my room, my doors unlocked, or Jesus is watching me

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