Thoughts You Have When You Can't Fall Asleep

Thoughts You Have When You Can't Fall Asleep
If I fall asleep now I can still get six hours of sleep. Check out more awesome BuzzFeedYellow videos! MUSIC Smooth Happiness …

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  1. The weeb In the back says

    Am I the only one that sobs when they can’t sleep

  2. xXOmqItz_MaxXx YT says

    Sleep is like charging ur body
    Except u don’t need a plug up ur….
    i’m weird

  3. Alex Robinson says

    I think I’m finally falling asleep, damn it I have to pee. That’s me lmao

  4. Sarai Wallace says

    “ Now no one thinks I know how to walk “ 😂

  5. daily uwu's for everyone yay says

    Here I am at 11am on my phone because I'm afraid to go to sleep. I will come back tomorrow morning and tell you how this night went.

    Edit: I was awake all night. It. Was. HORRIBLE.

  6. Vivine says

    Okay why are none of the comments about being so hot and putting your foot out but then you think about the ghost that’s gonna eat em off

  7. Hoimes The Homie says

    Well insomnia…….

  8. When’s can’t sleep:
    1. YouTube
    2. Instagram
    3. I need to pee again WHAT?
    4. I’m hungry
    5. I’m thirsty
    6. I’m hot
    7. I’m cold
    8. My crush will never like me
    9. Omg what if all my friends are pretending to like me
    10. Omg go to sleep
    11. Checks time
    12. It’s soo late
    13. I need to pee howwww so hungryyyy
    15. And thirstyyyy
    16. Why can’t I sleep???
    17. Ugh school tomorrow
    18. Omg I hate school
    19. But I get to see my crush
    20. Try’s to sleep and fails

  9. Millie Dolan says

    Who watched this well falling asleep 😴

  10. alpha wolfury says

    Agony of insomnia

  11. Ellie Dicken says

    OMG the ‘where’s my phone where’s my phone’ SO ME😂

  12. If I got to sleep now I can still get 6 hours of sleep /:

  13. a elkasir says

    I don't have to sleep in the summer but in the school year I have to sleep at 11 o'clock

  14. Shsmith 67 says

    Its 2 am and im watching this

  15. cheeks says

    I have 4 hours of sleep left…

  16. Mini GamerPH says

    My bed is concrete :c

  17. Nirajan Pradhan says

    True. Insomnia sucks

  18. Nirajan Pradhan says

    True. Insomnka sucks

  19. Fluffy The Bunny says

    That's me every night 😂 it's 1:30 and I. Struggling so hard to sleep

  20. Lets Affirm says

    Yup that’s me… lol.

  21. defne C says

    “How do we find peace in Middle East” literally thought of the same thing and couldn’t sleep till3am the other night.*relatable*

  22. racky ly says


  23. Greg York says

    It’s 3am

  24. Sanya Singh says

    I'm watching this at 3:11 a.m. totally relatable

  25. Bangtanboys Official says

    ha thats…MEEE

  26. Emma Nesbit says

    It's 5:40am. I've gotten one hour of sleep, now I'm just watching back to back buzzfeed videos bc I'm sick

  27. anna drangel says

    I just came from one of danisnotonfire’s vids and… THE BED SHEETS

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