Three Bean Salad

Three Bean Salad
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  1. an alias says

    3 beans please

  2. Lee Gutierrez says

    So making this today! Yummmmmmmm. Thank you for your videos

  3. MattSynyster says

    hi please do a video on how to make three bean casserole

  4. jay jay says

    best 3 bean recipe ever

  5. Dianna McCormack says


  6. Uttam Shejwal says

    Lovely salad

  7. Keira Gebert says

    This music is giving me a major headache

  8. ElectricEel says

    Are you calling to make a reservation?

  9. JOLLY GEORGE says

    Am I the only one the whole video only to hear oh yes in the end 😜

  10. Varsha Dhumale says

    Please add a healthy recipes playlist!

  11. Mr Skewer says

    Love it!

  12. Chaitanya Sankar says


  13. Mamta Barla says


  14. Mamta Barla says

    waw very yammi

  15. MrsGar2016 says

    I made this, this morning, the only thing is it’s to acidic for me so I got rid of the liquid , hopefully when I get home from work it’s 👌

  16. gabby _moreno54 says

    I love the behind tasty with alex

  17. Cyrious says

    Man I just started to feel like I have gas watching this…. but looks good

  18. stacytho stacytho says

    I love the music of this video even more than the video itself.

  19. tamara delgado says

    my mom used to made to me this salad when i was in the school.

  20. ElectrifiedMayhem says

    I can’t remember the techno song with this beat.

  21. Vanessa Rivaille says

    Great salad for a picnic!

  22. Saad Jambharkar says


  23. Kelly H says

    Being picky, but considering the title they should’ve labeled the chickpeas as garbanzo beans 😅

  24. dalt64 says

    Tasty, I love your recipes but damn you really need to start making a playlist for your background music…

  25. John King says

    I've heard beans are good for the heart.

  26. GannJerrod says

    There are way more than three beans in this salad, downvoted.

  27. Alysarine Payne says

    Can someone please find that music?

  28. DIM GAMING says

    Here’s a better recipe because chickpeas are nasty. Onion cilantro jalapeño cucumber pinto beans, black beans, salt, and lemon.

  29. Kate Crowe says

    This was good, but when ever I try a recipe, I just eat the stuff first

  30. LIl Kaste says


  31. protizemo s says

    Yay. I now know how to mix a whole load of beans and onions together in some seasoned olive oil. Yipee.

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