TOP 10 LIFE HACKS – Fix a broken phone with toothpaste!

TOP 10 LIFE HACKS – Fix a broken phone with toothpaste!
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  1. Talia Gazelle says


  2. Talia Gazelle says


  3. Krys Lasalle says

    YYYYYYYYYYYYEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEESSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!You should do it. Pleas do a video on life hacks.

  4. SSJR Black says

    The apple hack doesn't work

  5. Madi Skorey says

    My phones screen is cracked, (on the bezel) so I put a tiny bandage on it :p

  6. Raya Taneva says

    Azzy I am from Bulgaria and here we have a nutella tubes

  7. Luigi Bouser says

    By the way i used a lemon

  8. Luigi Bouser says

    I tried the fruit charger hack ……. it doesn't work 🙁

  9. Myra charles says

    You can charge your phone with a Apple but you will brake your charger

  10. Kristen Dapaah Siakwan says

    Don’t hate on Azzyb

  11. - BLOODMOON - says


  12. - BLOODMOON - says


  13. Eddie Jauriqui says

    It worked I plugged in my phone to an apple and it started to charge

  14. Bubbles Girl says

    Apple charger doesn't work

  15. Akila Gnanaraj says

    I put my straw through the thingy

  16. earthtoellie says

    Do NOT put 2 toasts in at once. It will touch the side, break the toaster and catch fire

  17. Falica Thomas says

    4:43 only people can like this comment when you phone makes this noise when it charges

  18. Shane Shelley says

    It would be fun to see you test the hacks

  19. Jamellia FREDERICK says

    Try all the life hacks

  20. Libby Puff says

    Does the toothpaste hack work

  21. jesse jensen says

    Its lies

  22. Courtney Balestracci says

    Try chewing gum while cutting onions. Supposed to keep you from crying.

  23. Cutie Fox9 says


  24. Edward Lent says

    Yes please

  25. Saige Archer says

    The apple charging thing doesn't work,😒

  26. Orbit YT says

    Test da hacks

  27. plushboy 596 says

    Fruit can create an electric charge but a small one so the phone will charge up to 11% and then your charger will be full of fruit so just dont try

  28. Marielena Alvarez says

    9:00 some kids don't like food at school and take other peoples lunches so they do that to make it look like it has mold

  29. The Richelle Show TRS says

    We should definitely try the life hacks and azzy

  30. Livvy Games says

    Azzy i tried to charge my phone with an apple but it didn't work so DO NOT trust the life hack!

  31. Sam HIGGINS says

    Life hacker: charging a phone with an apple works!
    Azzy: I need to know if this is real….wait I don’t have apples
    2 minutes later
    Me: OH COME ON!

    What was the message in this?
    Charging phones with apples don’t work.

  32. Birch • foot says

    It does NOT work. At least for me, I stuck it into an orange and my charger doesn't work anymore 😒

  33. Christine White says


  34. While it's charging you can be eating an apple it's a win-win 👍😁👍

  35. Put toothpaste on it and then put a bandage over it and then the next day it should be gone 😁 hack for mosquito bites

  36. Natalie Cutmore says

    Yes please

  37. Shannon Abraham says

    What happened to you're phone

  38. Puppy_love!! !! says

    Azzy forgot the “ Stay Awesome stay sweet and don’t forget to be nice to eachother “

    Like if you noticed!!!!!!

  39. 2028.Caroline Browne says

    The fruit charger works, fruit carries energey, I’ve even coded a robot with a banana

  40. Kassie Fitzgerald says

    No it only made my charger smell like apples

  41. Alero Ogbe says

    Test them

  42. Nhung Thuy Pham says

    Life hack when you are cutting a onions chew gum and you wont cry like
    If it worked

  43. Our not so perfect life says

    Wut is so cool with an I phone.

  44. Dishita Shrivastav says

    Fill up your mouth with water to avoid crying while cutting onions.👍👍

  45. Isabelle Johnson says

    Yessssss azzy do that video please

  46. Lili Gerges says

    DO IT

  47. Aisha Alsamahi says

    My iPad is really cracked it’s so bad I don’t know how to fix it

  48. Breana Martinez says

    i use a straw

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