Top 3 Battery Myths!

Top 3 Battery Myths!
This video applies to every lithium-ion battery-powered gadget out there. Have you ever “calibrated” a lithium ion battery? Old battery tech was nickel based: …

Source Marques Brownlee
  1. Naimad Llams says

    2019!!! … wow! talk about growth! I'm so impressed. Good job man

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  6. Recksz #RKA says

    Thank you mate I needed to hear the real deal and no made up bullshit💯

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  8. thetute59 says

    Most of what you said is what I also found out during my research. Honestly I think its frustrating how many big channels are too lazy to do decent research before they make an informative video. Also 'cheap' when I think of it that sometimes channels which are huge are simply too lazy to ask an experts opinion and just babble some contradictive stuff.
    Either its that or you and me got it wrong during research 😛

  9. Nitin Gupta says

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  11. Translated says

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  21. 1B Veiws says

    Damn man you've come a long way. Good for you

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  23. Kliztchiko Dionisio says

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