Top 5 WWDC 2017 Announcements!

Top 5 WWDC 2017 Announcements!
Top 5 biggest announcements from Apple’s 2017 keynote! Video Gear I use: …

Source Marques Brownlee
  1. Seema Premji says

    Whats the intro ?? Thanks

  2. Alex Nowosielski says

    I vote for Siri sound

  3. Michael Karol says

    you said the Macbook Pro and 4k iMac started at $1399.99 but they start at $1299.99

  4. CFCRLC says

    What about the iMac Pro? (just joking)

  5. Costantino Spano says

    use fritzbox as router!!! it's pretty ugly, it seems have zero antennas, but is the best in terms of speed and wifi range.

  6. Cristian Wanderlust says

    What effects or graphics websites do you use to edit videos? Thanks

  7. Abdallah Anwar says

    Shame on Apple. I'm one of those people that have a 21.5" iMac from '09 and figured I'm due for a new machine. Then I saw the price tag for the beast you discuss in this video. I would never pay $5k for a base level machine that you cannot upgrade. Great video, thanks, @MKBHD.

  8. Mr. Chomsky says

    They should be doing more for the iPad Pro. Too many apps aren’t optimized and it feels dated still.

  9. Mwt493 says

    That imac pro has 16 times more ram than my phone has storage space….

  10. VanillaPlayz says

    Yaas totally into iMacPro cuz Im a huge Vega lover! Im so glad they went AMD in their history!

  11. Deepwinter says


  12. KillasaurusArcade01 says

    apple sucks so bad now. all of this 'new' stuff is just apple joining their competition. and the names they came up with sucks haha

  13. Sukruth Srinivas says

    They should change the screen on Macbook Air….

    People will still buy it for sure

  14. Craig Paterson says

    That I Mac Pro has just as much ram as a 7 year old MacBook has storage

  15. christian vila says

    From what I heard the reason they made the iMac was because a lot of the Mac Pro users were buying maxed iMacs so they wanted to make a pro all in one for them. They’re going to announce the new Mac Pro soon I think

  16. adric cochran says

    watching on itunes phone 2

  17. Bilal Waheed says


  18. Jumpier Wolf says

    What, these were only 5 but the thumbnail said 5! and 5! = 120.

  19. Hyro Proto says

    That $5k iMac Pro will only be important to people who cant live without Final Cut… thats it

  20. Yogeshrestha says

    Don't you review Microsoft products??

  21. max factor says

    wow ad block built in Safari… seems that apple going for Google

  22. Joaquin Gimenez says

    commercial oppose physically rzvgu suggest pay player climb like vary.

  23. Martin Turner says

    Thanks for this distillation of the WWDC 2017; you saved me a bnch of time! I am loooking forward to iOS 11 for sure. iMac Pro…maybe…I love my 2013 Mac Pro a lot…but then …maybe … :0)

  24. Adrian Fernandes says

    Will High Sierra make it for the Mac Mini? If yes when will it be released in India?

  25. Masaaki Furuki says

    It's not speaker first but it's just iPod for home "Home Pod" actually

  26. Fakhrul Islam says

    Did Apple just Cured Cancer!!

  27. DJHNZ says

    Dude are the MIB standing outside your house right now? Hahaha you totally called Apple out on the iMac Pro 2017. Even messaging you now, by association I am probably, in fact, going on their 'observation list' lol

    With all respect to the idea of this being a 'trap', and my (also) being an Apple zealot in an 'unhealthy way' (lol), I was one of the first in the queue to get a top-of-the-line Mac Pro 2013 | 2x D700's | 64 GB RAM | 1TB PCIe SSD etc (ad infinitum blah blah) with a few extra Thunderbolt 2 Apple Displays thrown in (with their paltry 1440p res). Then, it took Apple so long to come out with a 4K display, that a third party (actually many in the end) beat them to it :/ We were just itching to spend our fanboy money… but Apple did a no-show for the Pro. Boohoo. Hrmph.

    And so here I am at home four years later, away from my work Mac environment, on a water-cooled core i7 6700K Skylake (from early-mid 2016), Windows 10 64-bit PC writing this… While a pair of GTX 1080 Ref. GPUs keep my feet warm, absolutely blitzing VR… and with a new HTC Vive Deluxe Audio Strap on it's way for my kit, we (the collective) continue to contribute to the 'augmentmentation the metaverse' (so to speak). So… Glad Apple is coming to THAT party, even though I'm a bit sniffy on AMD GPUs – paticularly after [the Metal Fiasco] (I paraphrase), having never materialised for my darling D700's at all! I was heart broken. Like a father whose kids had so much promise, but decided to join a friendly – but relatively boring and unexciting – religious sect 🙁

    **Disclaimer: Regardless, I still love my 'trashcan' for her coding prowess, MacOS is great for linux software development, gphx, design, editing etc.

    Bring on tools to develop for the meatverse(!), it took Apple long enough(!), we were starting to wonder(?). I mean that in a NICE way Agents J & K ;p

    Peace, out Marques
    Keep it up, your videos are OTH


  28. Tadas K. says

    I like it. Apple goes "simple" again and makes one beast computer for all the higher needs- gaming, editing etc.

  29. Jooglesberry says

    The space gray is the real killer. It looks awesome. But an actual Mac Pro will be much more practical.

  30. Phoenix says

    Why they did not put any dongle in Macbook Pros? Apple did discontinued the old macbooks and yet they didn't do anything about the old users.

  31. Radoslav Donev says

    Apple is increasingly failing to impress

  32. Abhinav says

    But u never talked about Augmented Reality

  33. Jef B says

    MKBHD aint an Apple watch person. So, it`s a FAIL, as everyone knows.

  34. Supreme_Xo says

    no trash can?

  35. Supreme_Xo says

    is Swift lang any good?

  36. Aaron Andino says

    Great summary, Marques. I did watch the full keynote and this was a solid overview.

  37. Justin Le says

    WTFFFF 128 GB of RAM???? Jesus

  38. Alessandro Manuel says

    Do you have time for a girlfriend dude?

  39. Tuesday Evenings says

    lol i will never sit through an apple keynote again unless they go back to making products that don't become obsolete after a few years

  40. little fatboy says

    As far as I know, The Ram and storage of the iMac pro can be upgraded. The difficulty is that it's not easy to find the ECC Ram and the compatible hard drive. Also it provides four thunderbolt 3 which can be connect to some high performance device. Thanks for the video.

  41. Parth Chauhan says

    apple must be high when they made and had the thought of making (concept) new iMac pro🌚

  42. Andrew C says

    Exact same feelings about the iMac Pro lol 😂

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