Top Craziest Things Bought By Rich Kids

Top Craziest Things Bought By Rich Kids
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  1. Mahnoor Abid says

    I bet a Lamborghini that azzy won't reply to this

  2. Adelina Ioan says

    Hi azzy yyyayayayayayaya

  3. xXwisherX x says

    Rihanna could have just gone 2 my grandmas restaurant it has authentic cuban food for an ok price its me and my cousins and my siblings favorite place i if it was my my choice I would live there #love being cuban

  4. Emma Brown says

    Every like gives azzy one chocolate

  5. Dr Hart Incorporated says

    i lov you

  6. Abigail Richardson says

    I wish people spent there money buy donating it or helping people instead of buying crazy things they don’t need. I’m not judging any one because you want to buy stuff like that you do you🙂 if your reading this I hope you have an awesome day and you are amazing 😉

  7. IzzyFizzy Star says

    1:00 oh it was nothing crazy only 600 dollars :Azzy

    Me: oml wow ONLY 600 dollars?!

  8. Aaron_ dogey says

    4:30 when ever I’m done doing my business my dog comes in the bathroom and tries to drink the water when I was my hands so I have to shut the door sometimes

  9. Anushri Kahn says


  10. diana Serpa says

    Im cuban and it is worth going on a plane for cuban food🇨🇺🇨🇺🇨🇺🇨🇺❤️😂😊

  11. death reaper says

    Soo you wouldn't even go for the Cuban chocolate 🍫

  12. Natalia Dean says

    Well of course the dog has maids and it’ll have to pay bills,they can walk him and all of those dogs things (I don’t know I’m rich but I don’t have a dogXD)

  13. Eliana Arechiga says

    My grandma and grandpas dog only drinks water from water bottles

  14. Erin Ball says

    Azzy: oh nothing big just $600
    Me: what do you mean nothing big!!!!

  15. Sophia Campanie says

    And my favorite water is fiji

  16. Sophia Campanie says

    Once this guy pretended to be apple and spend 800 dollars because my mom gave him our address and credit card number thinking he was apple

  17. MonsterGaming XD says

    The 2 cars in the thumbnail are different

  18. tinabrichta DUCKSHOCKEY says


  19. tinabrichta DUCKSHOCKEY says

    The money goes to dog and the dog will exspeiv

  20. GamerCon3 says

    600,0000 DOLLOARS!? HOW IS IT NOT ALOT!!!

  21. OilyButterAnimationz says

    Or just get curtains…

  22. Jurgita Vitukynaite says

    I whent in a movie and no one whas in the movie just me(i dint buy all tikets)

  23. Cactus Tiger says

    Azzyland you should go to the chocolate factory on Phillip island in Australia. Have you heard of it?

  24. Isa Penelope’z vids He he says

    Did you get the chocolate

  25. lilypadz YT says

    * sniffles * I… I just w…wanted ch…choc…late 😞🍫

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