Top Disgusting Things That Girls Do….

Top Disgusting Things That Girls Do….
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  1. gijsfrederikpieter says


  2. Margaret Gucker says

    One time I was in a public bathroom and there was a lady pooping and there were big cracks between the door hinges and when I was walking past we made eye contact


  3. Nicholasvlogclips Fazbear says

    Ughhh girls are disgusting

    Except my mom

    I like her

  4. Alana Schweinsburg says

    today in science my friend showed me a video of pimple popping and i almost threw up

  5. Woofsie_ Gacha says

    My brother picked his lips so bad that he has a little scar on his lip😂

  6. kitkat kate says

    I only have 3 bras 😥


    I've been reading.. Oh well

  8. Uh, who killed da lil puppy 🐶 in da back?! 🥺😢😣

  9. Charwolf Yahoo! says

    Conspiracy theory: Girls pants don’t have pockets in them because the store owners want them to buy purses

  10. Fnaf world boy says

    Actually i put my money on my jacket on school on cafeteria to buy

  11. Mina Malim says


  12. johnc00k .,. says

    The stuffed dog in the background though…

    Once you see it, you can’t unsee it..

  13. Ghost Unknown says

    Girls and boys I've got a tip for you if your nose picking problems have a whip or rubber band with you if any one of you pick nose use the rubber band for the girl and whip for boy whip them if they pick nose

  14. Lps Dimond says

    The doggone is tipped over

  15. Jade Pansino says

    Leave a like if You have been a true fan of azzy fo while

  16. Jade Pansino says

    Love your hair

  17. Inks Rufflesplays! says

    And bonjor
    Ja mapplle inks
    Une crepe?
    Minti? Vowala! There some French peeps
    Let’s see who replies and figures out what I said!

  18. Inks Rufflesplays! says

    Picking nails ewwhh

  19. Corinne Vause says

    Hey this is my favorite video

  20. Ayyy its me Kyderra ! says

    You dont pull lashes when you curl them

  21. Christen Wahba says

    Do the boy version

  22. Christen Wahba says

    Who is the boy version

  23. 2007albright says

    Poor stuff dog

  24. monster man says

    I do the sniff test at school for people jumpers because I'm 9

  25. TheExplosives10 Playz says

    I'm squeamish too

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