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  1. Hi How r ya says

    You're thinking of Mileena that's kitana

  2. Marthime says

    PART 2!!!!!!

  3. potatohead 123 says

    Find purple

  4. Carmela Chan says

    7:54 uhm i meant i saw this on jazz's backround channel

  5. Debra Rango says

    Notice me Senpai

  6. GachaEm :3 says

    7:02 I know exactly who that is. When I was like six I used meh first fatality and beat my dad which probably has more experience than I do. 😐

  7. Tiger God says

    Who puts this on the internet this is inopropreet there are kids on hear you now

  8. xXSilverMoonXx Games says

    azzy you could make so much money if you sold costumes like that on your on shop!!!

  9. Hua HK says

    bruh, stop hitting on random girls!!

  10. qwanda jones says


  11. Sara Joy says

    azzy you prob wont see this but you should cosplay unico!

  12. josh kin says


  13. Luke And Tori Garinger says

    Azzy must have been going through a phase because now she’s so delicate and family friendly so…..

  14. Lacey Brooke says

    the cat is called kiwi-chan

  15. Lacey Brooke says

    I'm being zoro for Halloween πŸ˜»πŸ˜»πŸ˜»πŸ˜»πŸŽƒπŸŽƒπŸŽƒπŸŽƒ

  16. GACHA POTATO says

    Girl you good at cosplay

  17. saucecakeuwu says

    i thought i was looking at a video game xD

  18. lilly Good says

    The girl with the heart eyepach was from vencher brothers

  19. Savvy Vee says

    7:12 Azzy its Kitana your thinking of mileena

  20. Kelly Weller says

    Cool video

  21. koko alala says

    5:35 i Think it's that one dragon girl from kobayashis dragon mate or somthing sry for Bad eglish

  22. HdRassu Galaxy says

    it was Milena no Katana

  23. Mackenzie Beach says


  24. Tanya Hall says

    Thats kitana not mileena, kitana is a blue ninja and mileena is pink 😑. Plus im a huge mortal kombat fan

  25. BR Vlogs says

    5000 followers, my sister has 300 and she has had instagram for over a year 3:53

  26. Aria Jacobs says

    I literally have a niece khaleesi lol love you azzy

  27. Ichu's world says


  28. Ichu's world says


  29. jvwphotography says

    Is your ending one of your cosplays

  30. LPS Red says

    I love cosplay soooo much

  31. EiolantheSCO_369 says

    They are too exposed. Great job on cosplaying, very creative.

  32. Mya Porter says


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