Tour of my Nexus

Tour of my Nexus
Here’s my Galaxy Nexus. Enjoy! Wallpaper: Dock Icons: All apps available here: ~ Facebook …

Source Marques Brownlee
  1. Fawzy Nahwi says

    1:55 " Angry Birds, Fruit Ninja and ninja Dash"
    aaah the good old days…

  2. SGDoyle says

    2015 anyone?

  3. Kedar Redekar says

    Thumbs up if you're watching this in 2018!

  4. Sidhant Gumber says

    2018 anyone?

  5. Daniel says

    and now we got google pixel..

  6. Kevyn Oliveira says

    LOL 2014

  7. Jhovany Alvillar says

    Android was shit back than, laggy, better now

  8. Debashis Hira says

    hhey..did you got any rooting tutorial for nexus replacing stock android with cynogenmod

  9. D France says

    You've come a long way bro! Lol

  10. Marcus Stanois says

    tour your house!

  11. Kapil Deshmukh says

    Feel the burn IPHONE

  12. Krypt0_ says


  13. Daniel Wright says


  14. Krypt0_ says

    should i get this phone since im not allowed a nexus 4?

  15. andrei sza says

    i just love your reviews, mate!

  16. Claire Peng says

    Love this dude!!!

  17. sjayone says

    After using one for a few weeks you will be taking it back to the repair shop because you'll miss it so much.

  18. Kshitij Bansal says

    do a tour of your nexus 4!

  19. Anirudh Karan says

    I love google products 3

  20. Jigga Esqueda says

    How can I change my dock icons like yours? I have the nexus 4

  21. Planet Verez says

    The music reminds me of Fable.

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