Transgender People Talk About Bruce Jenner #TransStories

Transgender People Talk About Bruce Jenner #TransStories
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  1. Lee Southgate says

    This video is the stupidest thing I've ever seen! Love from a Trans Person Xx ugh

  2. Shiva Khatri says

    i fell in love with guy red chex shirt <3

  3. scene kid says

    Caitlyn is a disgusting homophobe but I wouldnÔÇÖt disrespect her pronouns jeez

  4. Connor 02 says

    I don't like Bruce Jenner

  5. Dorian says

    I love the voice of the woman with the glasses for some reason­čść

  6. Matt King says

    I'm hearing these people have an mental illness

  7. Maddy Madder says

    Is it not Caitlyn….

  8. Nico says

    I would've thought they'd know better than anyone to call her caitlyn…I'm shocked

  9. Eridan Ampora says


  10. Pixel Bytes says

    The thing about this trans visibility is that people think that you're just following some kind of a trend when you come out.

  11. Eminzz says

    Hope this won't sound offensive, but:
    – That one mtf looks a lot like bruce
    – That ftm guy is the most legit transition i have EVER seen. Like there is absolutley no way I could tell he was a she. That must have been hard devotion and it's hella impressive

  12. Neel says

    curious to know…do even woman change their gender and add a baby bazooka in their lower part?

  13. vahn Sykes says

    i love buzzfeed and these videos that they constly make and these make me happy because right befote i was starting watching the video today i was getting bullied for being trans and people just not understanding #thxbuzzfeed

  14. YoWYSyoungG says

    I'm trans and I hate Caitlin Jenner. It's not because she's trans, it's because of how problematic and horrible she is. I just wish people wouldn't think that all trans people are like her, I think she's given us a bad name

  15. Orbit_gum says

    Bruce coming out as trans is the most revolutionary thing that has happened in television. Uh NO

  16. Owl Feather says

    uggghhhhhh caitlyn/bruce is such a bad trans role model :I

  17. Marcus Lucifer says

    its not Bruce. it's Caitlin.

  18. says

    caitlin is a murderer

  19. Piinkstar17 says

    not to sound ignorant but is the person at 1:16 a female or male? Like were they previously female and transitioned to male or vice versa. Bc if that is the case, they can grow better facial hair than most cis men

  20. Lily Blackwell says

    She doesn't make sense to me.
    I'm trans myself but I really can't idolize her. She did inspire me to come out but I really don't prefer her as a role model. Not to mention she said Trump would be "good for women's rights"

  21. Dead_Flowerboy says

    I'm transgender <3

  22. Amber Hanson says

    Rocco is so cute :3

  23. GaysAredisgusting ! says

    transsexual's are so disgusting and unatural

  24. Valeria Sánchez says

    The woman in 2:09 talks about SRS. Can someone tell what that is please?

  25. AJ Dean says

    *Caitlyn Jenner

  26. Old Girl says

    I am chinese but I always felt like I was meant to be black so I know how these ppl feel…

  27. guacamole says

    Huge crush on the red head.

  28. Jamie Lee says

    I <3 Rocco!

  29. Kira is dead says

    my sister and her husband are trans… im 12 i just thank god i had the chance to witness the life of a trans person and how much happier they are as the right gender my sister also has a huband and a girlfriend.

  30. Iir Ramaj says

    why isn't Rocco wearing a hat?omg

  31. Zack ZARAGOZA says

    The only concern I have about Caitlyn is that the media ignored any sort of journey for her that transgendered people have to take; seeing her as Bruce, a man, to automatically change herself to Caitlyn, a transgender woman in an advanced stage of progression. It seems unrealistic and paints a vague picture of what a transgender is and experiences as well as what it means to be and change as one.

  32. Daniel says


  33. XigXag says

    I'm Trans and I don't like Caitlin Jenner. She doesn't believe in gay marriage, yet she is married to a woman…

  34. nina b says

    why does the title say bruce not caitlin?

  35. ziamfr says

    why are you here if you do not support someone's journey to happiness and acceptance? leave your poor opinions in a place where they will be appreciated.

  36. Lin Tarr says

    im genderfluid so i have days where I'm like
    i am a he i am man i am much man
    then there are days where i am she I am lady i am preetty
    but u know what
    no one gets it
    so i just keep it in and dress how i please

  37. Jackson Catlett says

    I don't think she should've gotten woman of the year award. She's just another trans woman. She didn't do anything that every trans woman has done in their life. She also a terrible person.

  38. S says

    I don't like Caitlyn. Well done to her for coming out and I have nothing against her being trans, but her being trans doesn't make her a good person.

  39. Saftcore H says

    oh god wrong video

  40. MrSmashface says

    Did it really just say "transploitation"?

  41. J Turner says

    yessssss to that last woman! we need the full spectrum, not just one story.

  42. Miouo Art says

    I'm wondering what all these people think now that I Am Cait has been two seasons…?

  43. Reuben Handel says

    Narcissistic personality disorder is very common in transsexuals. People don't change their outward appearance for themselves, they change it to show others.

    Bruce is in the transvestite subgroup as opposed to being a self hating gay person or a true psychotic like some of the others.

  44. The Mermaid Murders says

    For everyone that has a problem with Trans people: it doesn't effect you in any way.
    Why is this still an issue?
    I was taught that if you don't have anything nice to say, don't say anything at all.
    Putting other people down serves no purpose.

  45. Matthew McDowell says

    Visibility isn't always a good thing. I don't know who said this, but I completely agree that it's sensationalism.
    I'm in the southern United States, and as we get more visible, I'm getting threatened more often.

  46. Spicy Spaghetti says

    Just because she's trans doesn't mean she's a good person

  47. AnFemCricket 99 says

    It kinda stinks that people don't show some tough love, tell these people you can't change gender, and help them recover from the the horrible mental illness they've been afflicted by. Its a tragedy really and the suicide stats really show this.

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