TRUE STORIES that will Restore Your Faith in Humanity

TRUE STORIES that will Restore Your Faith in Humanity
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  1. Edvin Gusmari says

    1 year ago I was like 13 years old and like a earthquake happened and this old lady was running while I was outside and a house was falling on top of her so I grabbed her hand runner to my moms store and slept there for like 24 hours came back home and the lady’s home was like allllll broken and fallen so I said wanna live with me and she said ok but then like everyone does and animals she passes away I was at the funeral ⚰️ I said crying I can hear you in my heart and I was a kind person and helped you and I can hear you as a spirit guys you don’t have to be mean be kind have a kind heart ❤️

  2. Hyun Jung Shin says

    Is Azzy a christian

  3. Reagan Yarbrough says

    Why would anyone put a thumb down on this vid

  4. When I grow older I’m gonna give up my birthday to help others there worth more

  5. rose mcquillan says

    Your hair is soooooooooo pretty

  6. Amanda Exter says

    There was another bridge incident but the person actually jumped because people gathered around and started encouraging them to actually jump the person actually died from the jump

  7. Ornpapha Pongvityapanu says

    1 like=1 wish for the people who work not for their self but other people

  8. Sabrina Taha says

    You ar so so nic and prity 💜

  9. Amelia H says

    You always do a lot of very good videos so i khiron think your a very very good person in real life. By the way speaking about homeless people wuns I sour a homeless person I asked my mum if we could give him some money but instead my mum went into Coles and bout a hole bag full of stuff ather people house to eat it clean and the homeless man said thankyou so i said have a great day.

  10. Holly Martin says

    My neighbor is really old and he had his wife. His wife was in a lot of pain and tried to badly hurt herself. I was taking care of his pool for a while and I was giving him cookies that I made. About a month or two ago his wife died. They said he didn’t have enough money with out his wife. He has to move now and is emptying his house currently. I feel so bad and he told all the neighbors. I gave him a hug and said I hope you feel happier I will always think of you thx so much for all you have done. He always let us in his pool. I will miss home a lot. 😘🌈♥️

  11. Bella Darkstep says

    This restored my faith in some part of humanity

  12. Audrey Sanders says

    Once there was a lady in a store and she accidentally knocked down a chip stand and the manager said clean it up your self and I said she can't bend down and I her so she could walk to the register

  13. Bwoop Beep says

    I promise my sister her secret to not to tell my parents and then we both cried

  14. S. doge says

    I just realized that this was on my birthday last year

  15. Riaan Cronje says


  16. Grace Sage says

    I cried so hard😢😀😢😀😢😀😢😀

  17. Coyote Tango says

    Is it just me or did she say ridiclious

  18. Blue Warrior_33 says

    Assy for President

  19. Avary Hancock says

    Shout out to all of the people in this bideo

  20. Zora Thorn says

    Hi everyone just to brighten your day a little your beautiful your personality is amazing and remember SUBSCRIBE TO HER AND MAKE SURE TO LEAVE A LIKE TO EVERY VIDEO

  21. Alicia Martingly says

    When I see a bridge I get upset because I have had suicidal thoughts and I have thought about jumping.

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