TRUE STORIES that will Restore Your Faith in Humanity

TRUE STORIES that will Restore Your Faith in Humanity
DONATE LINK: This year I am gathering my courage and participating in Make A Wish Rope for Hope, …

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  1. AzzyLand says

    If you want to help me raise money and save kids it would be appreciated! ANYTHING HELPS! I'll double all the money you help me raise. GO TEAM! Love you all! ❤ 😍 DONATE LINK:

  2. Sladjana Janic says

    This made me all warm inside

  3. Tracy Pham says

    On the first one I just thought..

    Save the turtles “ sounds familiar.

  4. LRMiniV says

    THAT THUMBNAIL THO! LMAO! I'm so sorry if that offended you…

  5. Bonnie Hancock says

    Can I please please please have a shout

  6. Bonnie Hancock says

    So my mom just started a organization called "Under His Wings".Basically we give to the poor. So feel free to donate any clothes or toys ,things like that.

  7. Jessica Leach says

    My mom jessica was having a rough day and told KFC that she was having a rough day so KFC gave us extra food in the bag it put a smile on my moms face and mine too

  8. Wolfy_gamez says

    Can i talk to the man?and have tea(im sorry)

  9. Eli K says
  10. Ava Wright says


  11. Funny Moments With Lilia says

    When azzyland said to give a round of Applause I clapped but then I made my cat clap

  12. Damon Deville says

    My Mimi dads went though altimers and forgot her but remebered my paw paw

  13. Chicken Nugget says

    Azzy with her medals 🥇

  14. 20 Mm says


  15. Amberleigh Plays says

    i am watching this like almost 2020

  16. shahed alhamid says

    i am sooooooo sick and i still be nice to pepol i will do any thing to help pepol i have a problom with my hart and i still help pepol i am sooooooooo sick i burned my hand and i am sick and i have a prplom with my hart and i am still so nice pepol bully me a am still nice to tham i amost died when i was small pepol are so mean to me

  17. Galaxy Gacha_Wølf says

    wow that man is vsco big time xp

  18. Jenn Levin says

    Jazzy why do you wear macupe if your beautiful with out it

  19. Ayesha Farhan says

    Azzy was crying in the vid

  20. Raghida Al Mais says

    🙁 🙁 🙁 🙁 :(:(

  21. Paint the World says

    Me watching the first one “anni oop sksksk

  22. DVDTAPE AFKs says

    This is how many people want to meet azzy

  23. Annie Cookie says

    The dislikes are cuz people are trying to say dis I like

  24. Keri Riney says

    Sksksksksk and I oop

  25. Kriti Sachdev says

    In the whole wide whole world 🌎 there are only two more white rhinos 🦏 ONLY TWO

  26. cristina fedorczyk says

    My school is working with make a wish or is it dream come true. Dream come true is for all the kids that are going to die from there Illness. Make a wish is for kids that are in the hospital and probably not get better from a cancer ♋️ or something like that.

  27. Rashida Vahedna says

    I love you

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