TRUTH OR DARE Challenge – Azzy vs. Saira

TRUTH OR DARE Challenge – Azzy vs. Saira
My good friend and fellow cosplayer Saira Rose joins me for a truth or dare challenge! Watch our Disney song challenge: …

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  1. Phonn Minn Khant says

    who’s watching this in 2020

  2. Lacey Brooke says
  3. Isabella Da Panda says

    Is anybody watching in 2019

  4. mimijade07 says

    2019 anybody oh ok Just me

  5. Genevieve Deegan says

    I am from the future telling you you now have 10 million subs

  6. Bonnie Hicks says


  7. Gacha Star 2 says

    Ok and I watched this now 2019/2020

  8. Crazy wolf;3 says

    I love yugioh!!!!I LOVE JOEY

  9. Sofia Villasenor says

    😂😂😂😂get it Azzy:😦🐱😵😵😂😂😂😂

  10. Callie Ament says


  11. Moira Kinney says


  12. Sugar Panda says

    Great job Saira! Great job Azzy! Your channel is evolving so quickly. And yet I work so hard to keep up with you because it’s worth it. I just want you to know that you are beautiful and perfect in your own way so don’t listen to those haters you are the best!

  13. I like beans homie says

    I never see her on her channel anymore (2019) 🥺 do you still know eachother Azzy please make a video if you and plz a shout-out i have never gotten one from anybody

  14. Kitana Miller says

    Yous are so alike lol

  15. Talia Moore says

    Who can’t believe Azzy said the f word zzzzxzzzz

  16. Rachel Dunn-Smith says

    i honestly think there has to be some dude that only watched this for the cleavage, there has to be somebody, oh and i see u there Bob Man, ATCRyderX,and Dilan Gajparia in the comments………. 😑

  17. **Naomi RG** says

    Azzy was still funny back then

  18. ^σcεαɳ^ says

    I know this isn't important but my enemies name is saira weird

  19. Animation Lover says

    I am Saira too lol

  20. Eliani World says

    Who watching this 2019

  21. wooow queen says

    I love azzy 😋 😎

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