Try Not To Say WOW Challenge … (IMPOSSIBLE)

Try Not To Say WOW Challenge … (IMPOSSIBLE)
Try Not To Say WOW Challenge … (IMPOSSIBLE) SUBSCRIBE and become part of the AzzyLand family 😀 Hello Citizens of Azzyland…. I’m Azzy and welcome …

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  1. Captain Hip Thrust says

    I love you Azzy.

  2. Ilyas ilyas says

    Why does she looks like she is on drugs?

  3. james reid says

    this is the lowest form of content and its on the trending page. Well done Youtube!

  4. Mortal Mya says

    She said wow at 3:32 or 3:31

  5. God's Child says

    6:01 why do you keep flashing the 666 hand sign?

  6. Mr Goblin Man says

    Well youre not annoying at all

  7. HorseLover1 says

    Did anyone hear Azzy say wow? Like if you agree

  8. Mya Roberts says

    That egg thing is called gutemtama its japenese

  9. zombiekush760 says

    Reaction channels should never be on trending!

  10. Maddi Coxhead says

    can you do a try not to say wow with cassie (Aka Gloom)

  11. Emberto says

    Goblin boi, haha wow.

  12. Nestor Z says

    I've developed a crush 😊

  13. Chloe Cakes says

    Couch, bed, or toilet is LAVA

  14. Lee Johnson says

    Just nipping to the tool shed for 2 nails and a hammer for my ears

  15. JP Raps says


  16. JP Raps says


  17. Maiyumi Gunter says

    This is how many more subscribers she will get in the future



    Like and sub and hit the bell to see more videos of the best YouTuber azzy witch is @azzyland like this is your a true true super fan

  19. Blood_moon Wolf says

    I have one of those chargers

  20. Joanna Valle says

    I meant nudel oooops

  21. Joanna Valle says

    Hi Azzy the undel thing that was yellow it was a squash that u bake with butter and pepper it is good u should try it

  22. Sasha Moar says

    You should do try not to say what challenge because that would be really hard

  23. Eric Cookie's says

    azzyland viewers are from the ages of 3 – 15

  24. CUZ LIGHTYEAR says

    I really want to punch you in the face

  25. Hailey Thit says

    I have the same phone charger

  26. Kaitlyn killer says

    Well I won from 5 hearts so yea

  27. Grace Gimbert says

    Azylanders will rule some day… Lol

  28. Alistar Winn says

    Nothing safe woman

  29. yroohj gouy says

    Well my sister is hungry wile she's eating

  30. Ryan nichols says


  31. John Allen says

    U need to get a life

  32. Anya Huang says

    Imagine if those birds started pooping out of nowhere.

  33. Rhonda Kelly says

    There was a whole in the egg
    Leave a like if you saw it

  34. Kady Mcgrath says

    I failed. I love you so much azzy you are really funny

  35. Money 717 says

    You’re are my ture love 💗 kiss 💋!!!

  36. Brion Lund says

    9:31 missed one. Cheater.

  37. Kid Crue says

    I have that charger

  38. Edgar Hernandez says

    Do you sleep

  39. LS6-SS says

    She's so annoying…not even halfway through. Im Out

  40. christy Lim says

    i subscribed to you and your boyfriend

  41. Chinchilla hats says

    5:33 Anyone else remember seeing a video where a lady destroyed this thing 😬

  42. Anika Joseph says

    I have 2:22

  43. Jayda McCarthy says

    it is squash azzy it is squash

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