Try These No-Fail Kitchen Tips! Cooking and Kitchen Hacks by Blossom

Try These No-Fail Kitchen Tips! Cooking and Kitchen Hacks by Blossom
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  1. Anastasia Crowe says

    I love your food hack ❤️

  2. Pitch & Bass says

    Why u need to buy soda if u can just put a sugar?

  3. Назым Сапар says


  4. Psyc Meow says

    Shrimp being overcooked is subjective. I like my shrimp cooked really long to where it falls apart in your mouth. Especially shrimp in stews. Difference in culture I guess 🤔🤷‍♂️🤓

  5. Nafisa Rahman says

    So nice

  6. Elva Zhang (567ElvZhan) says

    0:22 mangos don't have seeds?

  7. Jbean 07 says

    1:34 it is the same picture!

  8. kay & rae says

    1:25 my grandpa just puts his ear to the watermelon and flicks it, if it makes a “bouncy” type noise than it is ripe. btw i am pinoy

  9. XMaddyXheartX z says

    Wth was the lemon and salt for?

  10. Lucy Lott says

    What was up with that steak doneness test thing? I didn't get it.

  11. LoserFox Productions says

    Mom: honey, what are you doing?
    Me: nothing mom, just salting the milk!

  12. Andy says

    You do know mangoes don’t turn red automatically. The sun causes it to turn red. The red is the sunburn.

  13. Hend Smida says

    كتيير عجبني الفيديو🖒أفكار رااائعة حقاا❤

  14. Said Milimis says

    جميل جدا

  15. عقيل ام محمد says

    واو احله فيديو 😄😍😍🤑🤑👱💓💕

  16. Debra Downing says

    Get reward with a power rewards membership

  17. Amairani Perez says

    3:19 no lo se rick parece falso😂😂

  18. Siso Sisa says

    3:46 dislike

  19. Veronica Coronado says


  20. Rainbow Learning Songs says


  21. Rainbow Learning Songs says

    Talking areas

  22. Rainbow Learning Songs says


  23. Rosy Alice says


    Me watching all the hacks on YouTube just to enjoy and fall asleep and never really doing them….

  24. rajaa fahmi says

    Very very good روعه

  25. Huma Shaikh says

    How can u make apple jam with that sugar in apple peel water??😢

  26. ליגל קירשנבוים says

    Hho think like me its the best taste do like and comment what your favorite food

  27. Jyothi K.L says

    0:50 me when my mom hands me some random "herbal" tea

  28. k 'eps gacha says

    What is the name of the music I love it so much 😣😣😁

  29. reese martinez says

    How board do you have to be to make fake succulents out of pistachio shells and then proceed to paint them different colors?

  30. Avid B says

    What can I do with salted lemons? 🤔

  31. Me encanta blosom xq no son repetitivos

  32. Snake Mgs says

    Every hack is genious but how to bake potato skin chips in 350C (5:16) if conventional ovens have 250C max temp?

  33. jennierubyjane says

    the fact that 5mincrafts tried some of your hacks (like the soda revives flowers) and it didn't work so i was lol HAHHAHAA

  34. DIYs & CRAFTs says

    Crazy hacks 👍👍💕💕

  35. Gizem Akcakoca says

    Köbek ekmekle duvarmı silinir köbek oldun ordan beli

  36. R Queen s R queen s says

    Super good

  37. Boyan Nikolov says

    7:07, but the gorgonzola is type of blue cheese and the blue chese has mold

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