Trying £5 Clothing From… Is It a Scam!?

Trying £5 Clothing From… Is It a Scam!?
FOLLOW MY INSTAGRAM HERE: What’s up guys!? In today’s video I’m Trying £5 Clothing from .

Source Roxxsaurus
  1. Ok says

    Roxxane Roxanneeee
    All she wanna do is party all night

  2. fjungis says

    they buy overflow and sell it… website gets updated everyday (tip.. log on round 11am and click new arrivals) and most items is limited stock so if you see something get it cause they might not get it again….. and for brands … if the tag is cut out check the wash tag it usually say brand on there…. and always google names you don't recognise since sometimes its foreign brands and can be worth up to £50 rrp (specially on shoes and bags)……….also WARNING some stuff is very cheap "hong kong" stuff

  3. Ging TV says

    It's not a scam. You can't believe that the price is cheap because you girls are busy buying expensive nonsense things. Some girls are trap in their expensive fantasy unicorn rainbow fairy land paradise of nonsense things. Me I simply buy $5 shoe and that's enough.

  4. gracie xoxo says

    Did she just say Vajazzled-

    honey that’s not what u think it is

  5. ILOVEBTS445 Asmr Ish says

    Why you standing on your tip toes in those heels

  6. Sherile Velasco says

    The dress is with adjustable strap.

  7. Isadora #2 says

    5 pounds us $5 right??

  8. Riley Wolf says
  9. d alb says

    Hi! So this clothing brand just gets any leftover/unsold stock from different retailers, so what they have is what they get, they cant do much about the sizes! x

  10. Chloee Moon says

    cutest sweater!! where is it from!

  11. Mary Noveloso says

    Last shoe looks like Yeezy 500 😌

  12. Alex says

    Depressed cause the us shipping is like 45$

  13. Chloe Hartley says

    The black satin lace dress I have it in red and it is gorgeous x

  14. imane elghouzi says

    You talk too much

  15. ريــ ـمـٰاسـ. says

    The first one is FAKE
    lol they took a long sock (idk what dose it names)
    And put the heels inside somehow and cutted that part lol

  16. Superr Fancy says

    She is alose frm london

  17. Superr Fancy says

    She looks like INDIAN actress AMY JACKSON

  18. GemmaLou W says

    Sadly if you’ve got feet bigger than size 7 you won’t be able to get many of the shoes they sell

  19. Pat McGregor says

    You speak so quickly!

  20. ZAHIR ABB says

    Lights are beautiful 🤗😍👀

  21. Jordan Smith says

    Those white runners are LUMPY

  22. Jordan Smith says

    You want to talk about waist to hip ratio you should see me

  23. Nate Gomez says

    Hit or miss

  24. Oh it’s Sam says

    Roxy: it’s h&m so you know it’s gonna be good.
    Me: meh! Can’t relate 😂

  25. Nigel Seyjagat says

    You talk to much.. just get to the point. Makes your video very boring.. sorry….

  26. Erin Grant says

    is everyone going to ignore the fact she said vajazzled

  27. Bonna Begum says

    Why u taking too much

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