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  1. Hdhdh Vrbdbjdj says

    Why do people dress up as "sexy nuns". It is REALLY offensive, nuns cover themselves up and are pure, you need to respect peoples religion and especially the cross. Wtf is this bs, u guys just gotta be a SLUT for halloween??? Usually clothes do NOT define if u are a slut or not but if u were this than yes u r. Idc. This is really offensive and rude lile wtf. ALSO roxy who TF r u trynna fool with this video? Ur being "honest" nah ur not all these costumes look hella cheap, sequins look really itchy and VERY CHEAP, and see through. None of these are modest. Please stop lying to ur subscribers

  2. Danyelle Bosworth says

    My costume is extremely modest and really cute. Thank you, Spirit Halloween!

    Happy Halloween, ya'll!

  3. Michelle _Purr says

    Roxi, where do you get your black t-shirt 👻 ??? The little ghost 👻 look so cute 💞

  4. Permie Bird says

    The green fairy looks like a hemp fairy. Look at the structure of the wings, they look like hemp leaves missing the middle leaflet.

  5. Julieta says

    Why does she pronounce S as SH ?

  6. Freja Wessberg-Brown says

    10:04 it’s her long cigar

  7. Crystal Melody says

    Your accent is soo cute not gonna lie but i'm jelly rn

  8. Verónica R says

    The first costume is soooooo see-through!! That is a mayor inconvenient…

  9. FelineRock68088 says

    who is jessica rabbit

  10. Natha Lie says

    Must be nice to have a figure that fits into everything perfectly 😅

  11. AranelkaDIY says

    to be modest this clothes need something more… like fuckin pants/trousers! 🤣🤣🤣 people walk like this to parties? or this is some of Fifty Shades of Gray party?

  12. Catherine Baldwin says

    If these are modest then what is sexy to you🤔butt naked?!

  13. Danielle Curtis says

    I’d wear black leggings under the cruella bodysuit lol

  14. BlueberrySweetie says

    You would be a cute nun 😂

  15. Vevve Cutest says

    Like 90% of these looks like something you're supposed to be role-playing in in the bedroom

  16. Skylar Noire says

    9:10, you said his name 3 times! He's coming

  17. Sanja Uremović-Čalić says

    Please, please get a wider camera lens. Please.

  18. maria paul says

    How is any of these clothes modest. ( I am not hating on roxy, I love her)

  19. Elisia's Rollercoaster Life says

    Beetle juice outfit is saucy….

  20. Summer Sierra says

    So a long time ago people, women mainly, uses this to hold their cigarette. It's a smoke holder! They used those to keep their hands from staining with tar or smelling

  21. Katie Allan says

    The stick is what cruela devil smokes

  22. BeautyByTayler says

    Small YouTuber here if anyone would like to watch my stranger things video that's up in time for Halloween then please do 😊xx

  23. miss gamer girl19 says

    the tinker bell one is see through

  24. Yxiu says

    "Modest outfits"
    dress shows most of her skin

  25. mika takumi says

    You talk so much just put on the custom and say your opinon for god sake

  26. itsmonica05 says

    If I had a body like that I'd go out everywhere in a bodysuit like that , maybe that's why I don't have a body like that.

  27. Mikey Franklin says

    Where did you get your shirt???

  28. Molly Davies says

    This channel inspired me to create my own and content like this definitely keeps me motivated! I’m sooo close to 1000 subscribers, please help me reach my goals, you have no idea how much it would mean to me ❤️❤️

  29. EvelinaK says

    Why is it shook,not shocked?😂

  30. rinkle gonsalves says

    Don’t you check pixx before ordering?

  31. RivqYahBat Tanakh says

    It's not a whip it is a cigarette holder

  32. Amanda Horton says

    Im pretty sure that wand looking thing is supposed to be a cigarette holder thing they put the cigarette in the white end and smoke it that way I think

  33. Liza Lindsey says

    The thing with Cruela Devil is a cigarette holder. You put a cigarette in one end and your lips on the other.

  34. Camila Abril says

    I want the Beetlejuice costume, where can I find it?:(((

  35. Tam M says

    Could wear tights under the bodysuit costumes? Or like someone else said for Cruella, a black skirt.

  36. Soe Ta eh says

    You have such an adorable laugh love xoxo💋😍♥️

  37. Valeria Nino says

    Can u do food challenges

  38. Linda Quinn says

    It's a holder so as you dont get your hands dirty when smoking

  39. Alejandra Acosta says

    I'm gonna be a dead cat

  40. Boono Rohd says

    Stop copying Mia

  41. Harley -N- a Box says

    modest…..where?!?!? lol.. I mean.. if you want to wear risque costumes..DO IT. Don't be fake about it Roxx

  42. Charlotte Louise says

    Can't wait to watch this!! 🎃
    Always love your videos xx

  43. Karen Krista Tulinius says

    " modest " ….shows just crotch

  44. Karen Krista Tulinius says


  45. Love the beetle juice and the one of the red dress

  46. Bear Bear says

    I have the nun costume lol it's actually really cute

  47. It's Me, Dawn-Marie says

    Roxy, them curves! You're looking amazing.
    With the sexier costumes, they'd go well with fishnets I reckon.

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