Trying On Kylie Jenner's Outfits From Fashion Nova… Was It Worth It!?

Trying On Kylie Jenner's Outfits From Fashion Nova… Was It Worth It!?

Source Roxxsaurus
  1. Franklin Art says

    In next video show your clothes collection

  2. Amy Huxford says

    Did anyone else notice the burn book from Mean Girls in the back? Oct 3rd is Mean Girls Day!!

  3. sonali chakraborty says

    You looked stunning in the gem dress!

  4. Leah Espina says

    Roxiiiii can youu pin thisss??? I'm your fan from Philippines!!!!

  5. Tin Bernas says

    Connect with Rox and other vloggers on Phlanx platform!

  6. Mili Rawat says

    I would wear all the dresses you showed. keep on rocking roxx. love you

  7. Elisabet Rosado says

    I can’t find the second dress 😩

  8. Bibi Aisha Desai says

    The last two just looks amazing on you

  9. Kaley Gering says

    Oh my gosh the tan floor length is STUNNING!!!!!

  10. J D says

    Roxy, what do you do with all the clothes you get from the hauls vids?

  11. Faye Reid says

    Does anyone have the link to the pink dress???

  12. Aniyá Samantha says

    What’s the 1st dress (the purple one) called on fashion nova

  13. iriannaa - says

    yesss pleasee moree like thissss videosss

  14. Sanjana Kanumuri says

    What’s the name of the first dress on fashion nova? I’m trying to find it but I can’t.

  15. marissa hernandez says

    Anyone else wonder how painful it would be to sit down on that dress with the beads ? 😵

  16. Žaklīna Teilāne says

    Red really suits you😍

  17. Damian Mohyla says

    i would kill for her figure and she's soo pretty must be nice

  18. Astreya Zachary says

    Does anyone have the link for the nude dress with pearls and crystals? 😩 I cannot find it on fashionnova.

  19. Barbara Cardoso says

    Wow she looks stunning in every dress!
    Hey everyone! Small youtuber here 💕
    Trying to reach 50 subscribers by the end of the year 😊
    Lots of love ❤

  20. D A says

    Omg i love your Videos and im from Germany. I Look sometimes also in the middle of the Night your Videos 😍
    So Go for it Girl💋

  21. Justkeep Swimming says

    Lowkey upset that I can't find the velvet dress on Fashion Nova🥺

  22. Lilah Jones says

    Omg she is so pretty💚💚❤️❤️ I wish I was her

  23. A2Z 101 says

    Is there a link you can post for the first dress? Or the name I can't find it in need it in my life. It's absolutely gorgeous on you😍

  24. Maja Jelovcan says

    Are you kidding me. The orange dress looks so good on you.❤️🥰

  25. Carmen ruiz astorga says

    It would be great to see the back of the dresses ( especially the first one)

  26. Cassandra Dreyer says

    What's the name of the first dress?! 😍 ❤️ I gotta get that one

  27. itsmonica05 says

    I'd appreciate if you keep your camera at a distance good enough so I could see ankle length dresses. PS I Love your content!

  28. Mayte Alvarado says

    Please do a vid opening stuff from your P.O. Box

  29. Miss BB says

    Ayo Fashion nova sponser this girl😂🤗

  30. skye Hs says

    Imagine sitting on a chair with a dress filled with pearls😩

  31. Riya Das says

    This girl is so damn cute, hot, sexy, beautiful… that's all …can i get a ❤️😟 from …🇮🇳

  32. Nicole Holt says

    That pearly dress is SO stunning on you! Then again: You can wear anything and it looks quite amazing 😉

  33. Rebeldewayraluka says

    Roxi, you have 3.8 million subs, not 38. We need to see your feet as well when doing a haul. Please!!! Other than that…. your body is goals!!

  34. Emma Morton says

    Is it comfy to sit in that pearl dress??

  35. Kassandra L.K says

    You are waaaay better than any of the kardashians/Jenner’s

  36. Nayla Sosa says

    I think they all looked amazing on you! Including the last dress you should totally wear it 💜

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