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  1. soulmoonpages says

    Roxie, don’t listen to the people calling you fake! People expand their style all the time whether it’s a sponsored video or not. I don’t see how your being fake but it’s their perception, which means it’s not real for you 💗

  2. Emma Kate says

    Buy an oodie

  3. rainbow ss says

    you wouldn't have liked 1st skirt if this video was not sponsored!

  4. Humaira Siddiqa says

    When it says 14 hours ago😂😂😂

  5. Haley Takacs says

    All these comments are saying she's fake. This comment is too. lmao

  6. Nooriyah M says


  7. mo says

    The first one remindes me of a lamp 😅

  8. Akanksha Khanna says

    Who thinks she’s similar to Safiya Nygard?

  9. Eveli Carrillo says

    Yeah you’re getting faker as the subs grow.. quite annoyed because I only started watching you because of how genuine you seemed.

  10. Lee White says

    Hideous, sorry

  11. Rina Ahmed says

    She like all of them?

  12. Ishika Garodia says

    If these weren’t sponsored then she wouldn’t have worn those

  13. Geminita Magar says

    Love from Nepal❤️❤️

  14. golden kookie says

    Being a velvet and satin material fan I LOVED THE LAST PINK DRESS

  15. UnleashTheFuckinBats says

    Say "obsessed" again

  16. Rody inbuon says

    omg I saw u on TIK TOK

  17. Campbell Edgar says

    Omg your sneeze. I died. Your adorable

  18. makeupbysheduly says

    Request:- tutorial for this hairstyle!!!

  19. Mia says

    Pleaseee do a dressmezee try on

  20. Me Be says

    @8:00 Nazanin Kavari just wore this dress!

  21. Adika Aniedobe says

    All this channel does it promote bad consumer habits….you take so many sponsorships and buy so much what do u actually wear

  22. Bhoomi Abichandani says

    U have like the perfect body…and the perfect tan so as to make everyyything look good on u…❤

  23. Elena Victoria says

    I also like Missguided compared to other clothing online stores. I have returned a lot of Boohoo and PrettyLittleThings but this company seems to do a better job. What I don’t like about it and this video is that it supports the whole Playboy marketing. Why should women be sexualized so much and become objects and support this company? Have some self-respect and a good head on your shoulders.

  24. jamila A says

    Love your videos

  25. Gem Bagani says


  26. Kori Garbison says

    Black off shoulder dress: i wear for new year eve party with heels and my hair with a braids updo

  27. Kori Garbison says

    Would wear and buy: brown coat, nude long sleeve dress, hoodie dress with buddie rabbits, pink long sleeve dress, black off shoulder black dress!!

  28. Ash G says

    I wasn't a fan of this video. Her comments/opinions didnt seen genuine. there are things she would have criticized if it was sponsored. That long nude dress I could see the color and shape of her underwear. Another dress showed A Lot of cleavage which in previous videos said was too much. I'm just confused… 🤷🏼‍♀️

  29. Kavya Arun says

    Was afraid to say something but seriously Roxi? Most of the dresses were so bad and you would have roasted them if this was not sponsored
    All of a sudden you don't mind cleavage and see-through and cheap looking feathers/organza

  30. andarini seputri says

    I don't know why since the first I saw roxi vdeo on my timeline, I love her much. She has perfect body for me, and I thought she always suitable with any kind of dress (clothes)

  31. linda yang says

    I don't get all the negativity. I think roxie looked amazing in all the outfits.

  32. jamill fanpage says

    Im annoyed. every video, every item you're obssessed

  33. Carmen Carlton says

    You look so good because you have a lovely body and very girl or woman clothes look great in you

  34. Poonam Bhandari says

    Roxi is sooooooo Beautiful 😍
    Ur Videos are Superb 😊

    But I'm a ĺil dissappointed with this Video
    But I know Roxi never Disappoints
    Hope For a Better video Next time 😊

  35. Abby Manasa says

    I really love the last one and the pink corduroy and I love the white teddy coat. I really need to get one of those 😂 Love you roxxi ❤️❤️❤️

  36. Franka senegačnik says

    You forgot to add 3rd dress on your site if we want ti buy it. Apricot colour.

  37. Armando Rodríguez says

    To be honest.. Once there's an affiliate link.. It's not worth watching…. You gave a ten out of ten on a meh outfit, you didn't care about a totally see-through dress… I mean… Just don't.

  38. Layz Martins says

    It doesn't seems like she is being honest, because she didn't criticize things that she always does

  39. gina mae abilong says

    Warching here from philippines ❤ i really love your personality,body &face hahaah

  40. Nuha Islam says

    Very disappointing video 😶

  41. Tara Gira says

    How cold does it usually get in England?

  42. Sofy Lcs says

    I feel like, the more your channel grows, the more you're not being quite honest with your subs when you're sponsored. Honestly the quality is really bad for a lot of these. It's really see through. And it doesn't suit you. It makes me think of the quality of Wish clothes which usually you would have roasted and you're like " naaah it's okay I love it ". It feels like you're lying to your community… I'm so sorry to say that but I needed to say it… I'm disappointed. 🙁

  43. Tori Miller says

    8:03 she said that she didn’t like to show too much cleavage and that was a good amount when her whole cleavage is showing 😂 no hate just a little confused

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