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  1. Jenny Swanepoel says

    One of my teachers showed up with the fish shoes one day 😂

  2. Ayushi Sharma says

    The led shoes are worn by every 3-5 year old kid in India
    Ya they are very common here
    Of course not have that wheel

  3. Slimaz Coke says

    I don’t knw y but the fish is comfortable I wear it in d house

  4. trina videsjorden says

    They’re called fish flops lol. My sister bought a pair when we were in Thailand and she was so sad when they got worn out 😂

  5. Akiraa yuki says

    Hey rox im your fan from Philippines ❤️

  6. Stephanie Zimik says

    I think you talk to much

  7. Isabella Conklin says

    Bro Mia Maples did this first and she copies a lot of videos from her so people that do know this u should check out Mia Maples channel🤨🤨

  8. Facing Adventures says

    Fish slippers are winning 🤣🤣🤣

  9. Ava_love_Zoe101 says

    With the alien heels I thought at first ur feet would swirl around the mirror loll

  10. Katharina says

    In like 2016 these LED shoes were super popular here in Germany. Everyone knew about them 😄 I'm surprised you've never seen those before

  11. Lay_rose Davies says

    The light up shoes were I live they have been here for years

  12. Alesha Lee says

    Jewelry from wish?

  13. Lysah Acapella says

    The pink heels look like something Lady Gaga would wear

  14. Fanny Bakker says

    Gy uk,HD. Gq
    U hv m tthv urt.
    Utr, O,iuyyi

  15. klarrooooo says

    The pink „ballet” shoes – I think they are not to walk in the city, but if you are naughty, you can bring them to the bedroom 🤪Mia bought similar at her video and people in the comments called it bdsm

  16. Gods Empress says

    ι love тнe 1ѕт paιr oғ ѕнoeѕ and тнe lιgнт υp ѕneaĸerѕ!

  17. unique lolo says

    I love the pink high sneakers

  18. diana rudisteanu says

    i had those led shoed in trainers and platforms and i have a led coat hahaha

  19. Emma Emma says

    Am I the only one who loves shoes with LEDs ?!

  20. Eva Tomasiello says

    Is it just me or I do have light up shoes with heels. (Little heel)

  21. Lea McClurg says

    The fish shoes: perfect for the river

  22. Vaalhalaa says

    lmao she does realise those are fetish boots right?

  23. Kristin Nichter says

    Take a shot every time she says “literally” … drunk by minute 2

  24. Pamela Yap says

    Those pink lace up high heels that look like ballet shoes literally look like the shoes of a villain in powerpuff girls but the villain wears red ones not pink ones !

  25. Yihuan Huang says

    I have a pair of fish shoe and they are beautiful.

  26. Hak I says

    i just found your channel and i love it

  27. Amy Cordova says

    Who else low key really wants fish flip flops now 🤔🙋🙋🙋🙋🙋😬😬😬😏😏😏 cuz imma be real….ya girl might just cop a pair!

  28. Maria Elena says

    Use the code "LQDMYGW" to get 50% in WISH 🛍️🛒

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