Check out my lovely friends! REBECCA: CHARLOTTE: …

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  1. Charlotte Dobre says

    We cute. Thanks for having me Azzy!

  2. gfox gfox. says

    Azzy its so cool

  3. Mark Luce says

    No actually 8 thumbs up not 6 they never include me😮😂😑

  4. Maddy Tipping says

    I LOVE YOU AZZY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  5. Maddy Tipping says

    i think those first thing you made were like hello pandas cause we have them in nz

  6. Harleigh Plsek says

    The first one was kinda like hello panda

  7. Katrina Henry says

    I had those cookies that you did first

  8. Maranda Davids says

    Also looove Harry potter

  9. Shizuko Petrosky-Harris says

    I’m Japanese guys

  10. Julie Dzsenifer says

    14:51 Azzy, whats with the wink?

  11. Grace Timmins says

    we have those kola candies in New Zealand and they are called koala bites

  12. Cookie Waffle says

    IM ENGLAND AND Maoam is yum but try mamba

  13. Kim Wilson says

    She asked if we wanted one but she can't give it to us all

  14. Hannah Poop-lazar says

    Azy at school my clarse had to mack a contry and i made mine named azland after you😁p.s. i love you so much

  15. Indi Carter says

    I've had macha and strawberry flavour kitkat

  16. Helena Griessel says

    Are school sells that goo candy.

  17. ALPHA HOTEL says

    ♥️ Rebecca and 💕 you on most amazing top 10

  18. Iona Mcewing says

    The kitkat thing

    Japanese: hand talk

    English: TALK TO THE HAND

    It isn’t true but I want to make a joke (soz If it is bad)

  19. Stephanie Janse van Rensburg says

    Azzy you're my rolmodel

  20. Abigail Richardson says

    It was really fun seeing you with your friends and it was nice meeting them

    Love you azzy

  21. Elżbieta Cichocka says

    a aubigine that purple veg

  22. Elżbieta Cichocka says

    tears of laughter emoji


    I wish i were Azzy my life would complete

  24. crystal_skillet says

    I know it's not candy but I'm sad they didn't do Ramúne

  25. Pastel_ wolf says

    Those look delicious 😘😘😍👌👌👌

  26. Aud Tone Ausland says

    I no rabaka from most ameising topp 10

  27. crazy hashtager says

    Anyone triggered that they didn’t try hi chews… just me okay

  28. Laura Slowiak says

    Azzy I am scaird😨 becas I'm getting an ingekshen from the dentist😿

  29. poop butt says

    This video made me want to brush my teeth 😂😂😂

  30. Alice Ortega says

    Who Else Was Looking Though The Comments To Find The Joke #15:20

  31. Danica Prock says

    Panda bears not koala bears bc ive had them in Japan

  32. nohnoelle says

    try chocolate frogs there good

  33. もずかず says


  34. Lil Moose says

    Rebeca felgate best duo ever do it again please

  35. plushboy 596 says

    I thought rebecca was a bot on her channel but nvm

  36. xXTURTLEXx Idk says

    In America (or at least Texas) we have those chocolate filled kola cookie!!! They are soooo good lol

  37. caleb gillin says

    the first candy I had it

  38. Ooof cat Master says

    I’m Australia and if you ever come to Australia make sure to try a Tim tam

  39. Conall Major says

    i love you Azz

  40. Xan Kirsten says

    Im a slitherin too. But I'm not like moufoy

  41. CHLOE PIERSON says

    I’ve had the first one and it’s so good

  42. GreenRoses says


  43. Sandra Luansing Viray says

    I luv the koalas they the best kinda suprised u can sometimes find it in Tesco in Europe

  44. Linda Moore says

    rebbeca felgate

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