Two-Toned Farfalle As Made By Salty Seattle

Two-Toned Farfalle As Made By Salty Seattle
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  1. KittenRevenge says

    :15 @.@ That't not how the lid goes on

  2. Djanni Unchained says

    How is your farfallina?

  3. Ishaan Drums says

    It works every time! My son who is ten made it bye him self

  4. Sonny Augustinus says

    Butterfly in italian is farfalla not farfalle

  5. Wiktoria zala says

    I would love to est her pasta 😍

  6. ςӇεϝ ΛɌdΐ says


  7. Vanessa Shantae says

    She talks robotic to me and my son Hates veggies but whatever, that's his body.

  8. Minh Pham says

    she is so cool. pls do more stuff w her

  9. Five Dollar says

    Wow I never knew your son was gay!

  10. Periwinkle Sloth says

    Is it me or does she look a lot like Hannah jeter

  11. Ken Fleming says

    At the end there was a girl this time!

  12. Catherine Ryan says

    damn I really want pasta now

  13. punpkin-314-pi says

    You can make any colour? Just imagine all the PASTA-BILITIES!

  14. Sheri D says

    Nobody got time for that. How did kids in past eat their vegetables ? Answer a belt at the table will get them to chewing really quick.

  15. SteddyBeing 416 says

    I heard "naughty little child" and closed youtube. Opened pornhub, and searched that. I have a court appearance, now. Fuck.

  16. Auricale says

    her son finds out about this video XD

  17. maryam machiyara says

    Omg salty Seattle!! I wish she made her rainbow coloured pasta

  18. walkwithred says

    Looks amazing but my god that would take ages to make

  19. Pedro Coelho says

    Guys, her name is not ‘Salty Seattle’. That’s the name of her cooking-oriented social media and sites. Her name is Linda Nicholson, and she says it in the beginning of the video.
    It’s just kind of embarrassing and funny at the same time to scroll through the comments and realise that everyone thinks her first name is ‘Salty’. There’s even a dude who says her parents should be arrested for giving her such an ‘unusual first name’.
    I don’t know if I cry or laugh. So I comment.

  20. sancho delgado says

    Parents are the worst

  21. so97gc says


  22. Blue Bradshaw says

    David what’s good

  23. Илья Бакланов says

    9 y.o. boy friends

  24. The dream Team says

    3:22 lol she said boyfriends two things are wrong lindas son is a boy(unless they are gay)the second thing if she says boyfriends that means he is cheting on one

  25. noot stew says

    boy friends…lmfao

  26. A K says

    looks like someone jizzed on a plate of pasta

  27. Maren Smith says

    Did they leave the shell in one of them or am I just seeing things

  28. Freddie Meyer says

    healthy nutritious pasta… uhuh keep telling yourself that

  29. Aditi Goyal says


  30. روج روج says

    Great I love it & I love you💕
    I'm kurdish from Syria and I'm living now in Deautschland and I watsh you
    I like every thing you make it
    Thanks alot

  31. Cost Inilegna says

    Wow che scoperta! La prossima cosa sarà? La ruota o il fuoco?

    In Italia questo tipo di pasta esiste da una vita

  32. JamesJ Fisk says

    This chick has got the crazy eyes.

  33. David Basurto says

    I'd love to try this, but I'm allergic to eggs. Does anybody know a good replacement for the eggs in this recipe?

  34. Fati Fatima says


  35. willcwhite says

    wow turmeric what a great healthy vegetable to get into your kid's diet

  36. MLP-Violet-Star says

    I thought Salty Seattle was her name 😂

  37. Axel González says

    WoW, looks amazing

  38. Preeti Tewari says

    Great video

  39. Dorián Viktora says

    Nice vid

  40. T Tubbs says

    Thx that was awesome and a great idea

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