“Types of People At Christmas” SAFFRON’S VIDEO: https://t.co/0QfL2qQspN VLOG CHANNEL: https://goo.gl/15jMGl I’m following people who click this …

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  1. Sophia says

    ew that grey eyeshadow tho

  2. DemRosesTho Lol says

    Harley Quinn has entered the chat

  3. Skyler Mills says


  4. Erin Hunter says

    im the christmas lover

  5. Out of use So yeaaa says

    Anyone watching in 2018

  6. Sal Kim says

    They look like tiwns


    0:29 aaaaaahhhhh!!!!!! Clones!!!!!!

  8. Freja Holmes says

    Regular morning :I DONT WANNA GET UP!
    Christmas morning :EVERY ONE,WAKE UP ITS CHRISTMAS!

  9. Katie Large says

    Santa is real

  10. unicorn vloger587 says

    Am I the only one that thinks that that girl looks like Harley Quinn?!

  11. Milly_Singer51 says

    Thanks a lot guys my little girl was watching this and heard santa isn't real, you should be more,careful

  12. Jemma xoxo says

    I'm definitely the Christmas lover! Anyone watching in 2017 coz they're buzzing for Christmas? 😂💓☃🎄

  13. Cute but Psycho says

    Im super all of those in one

  14. Lola Bucks says

    No offence but 8 can’t believe you said Santa isn’t real when kids are watching.

  15. Lily Khanom says

    OMG ur polish???

  16. Fish Trump says

    Im a snoozer. I wake up at 10am on Christmas and everyone gets mad at me lmao

  17. Maisy NotCrazy says

    is it THAT sad that I'm here anymore?? I mean only 28 more sleeps 😂

  18. Amelia Christopherson says

    The snoozer equals my parents and the lover equals me

  19. The honey Diary says

    Why is the drunk my mom

  20. Ava Weseman says

    My grandma even has Snapchat lol 😂

  21. Amelia and Katie says

    That hurt my feelings santa claus is real!

  22. TieganSims says

    I have a wannabe aunt too lol she is 39 and she has Snapchat and she made me add her too 😂

  23. krystal maynard says

    omg saffron 😂😂😂

  24. Grace Xx says

    You’ve literally just distroyed my childhood about Santa

  25. Julia Mccullen says

    2017 anyone

  26. Hmmm Maybe says

    I love your videos but putting Santa is not real in is not a right especially because young viewers watch u ! maybe u should think twice about what u post?? X

  27. Lem's Life says

    Haha lemoni cook

  28. Ellie says

    Is this sad that I'm watching this video in august and I have watched it last month as well ❤️ hurry up Christmas 🎄

  29. Ella says

    Watching this in august 😂😂😂

  30. Millie XO says

    Who's watching Christmas videos in August !

  31. Rhiannin Millar says

    I'm the snoozer

  32. Hunnybun Keira says

    I'm callex saffron too! #saffronsquad

  33. Ricia H says

    just by the intro, I could tell this was going to be good

  34. olivia ! says

    the title should be, " TYPES OF PEOPLE ON CHRISTMAS." It makes more sense like that.

  35. Deleted Account says

    Who else thinks that Roxxsaurus looks like Harley Quinn (Margot Robbie)?

  36. The unicorn club Club says

    Santa does egzest

  37. SIRIUSBL says

    Мне бы хотелось к вам в США!

  38. SIRIUSBL says

    класс! хоть я и русская ну да ладно))))))

  39. Logan Reynolds TV says

    I'm literally a combo of all of these haha…also I can't be the only one who thinks she reminds me of Harley Quinn…btw I made a video on this topic too on my channel! 😀

  40. Gaby Tubert says

    Where is your sweater from? The red and white turtleneck one with the reindeers? It's so cute! Xx

  41. Kara Dalgleish says

    Santa is really

  42. Patrick the marshmallow says

    1:20 she looks scarily like Harley Quinn xD

  43. Natalie 29 says

    The wannabe young aunt is so true! Also you're both gorgeous!! 💗

  44. Vxinon says

    you look kinda like harley quinn with those 2 ponytails!😂

  45. Fan234 Show says


  46. Mae Walker says

    I love getting socks for christmas lol

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