Unbelievable Animals That Saved Peoples Lives

Unbelievable Animals That Saved Peoples Lives
Unbelievable Animals That Saved Peoples Lives SUBSCRIBE and become part of the AzzyLand family 😀 Hello Citizens of Azzyland…. I’m Azzy and welcome to …

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  1. Didzulitis 106 says

    My dog always starts barking and jumping on someone if they are getting violent in an argument.

  2. Crystal YT says

    Plot twist: its a human in disguise

  3. Jorid Hjkkjiiijgto says

    Listen to me very sweet and I mean that would never happen to me I don't think we have seen my dogs don't really know each other out to dogs and you said $1 but it died🐶

  4. Karen Mischko says

    😢 like me the entire video almost crying of happy and cuteness

  5. Leena Alsukh says

    Not long

  6. Paweł Korba says

    One Day you say you Will get a dog you Also want a hedgehog

  7. 「 E r r o r 」 says

    Animal: Saving Humans
    Humans: Killing animals and putting them in zoo's

    This is so sad :c

  8. sportkid 20 says

    How do they save lives

  9. Jan Cruse says

    Without the commentary is better

  10. Johnny Jardine-Langston says

    you can be a dog if you really believe

  11. Melodee Wild says


  12. Horse hats tv says

    Im honestly a cat person :p

  13. jello77 says

    Wow, you must have worked so hard videoing all those dogs by yourself.

  14. P.7 GDCA says

    Omg azzy plz have a dog I'm about to die this is si emotional I support u that one day ONE DAY u will have a dog luv ur vids plz make more bye (I cryed during this video)

  15. miki bi says

    Is that a YouTube channel called the dodo I subbed to it
    And I also subbed to you

  16. Max Vaggs says

    Click bait be like

  17. Nina Farid says

    Me:is some one cutting onions here?!?!

  18. Tiana Rowe says

    Azzy I love you

  19. Alicja Kaczmarek says


  20. Max Lucas says

    Wow Azzy looks like a cool cool girl i like your video

  21. Mae Lin says

    She talks a out dogs. My cat comes in lays in my armpit and goes “ hey watcha watchin?”

  22. Dustin Godsey says

    My cat is blind but he's making

  23. Puppies are cute I love them says

    Im crying rn you know dog spelled backwards is god that’s why they are so cite and special

  24. jamjam kate says

    My mom got me a dog after she saw this
    But jokingly she said “he better help with the dishes”

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