Unbelievable VENDING MACHINES From Around the World !

Unbelievable VENDING MACHINES From Around the World !
Unbelievable VENDING MACHINES From Around the World ! SUBSCRIBE and become part of the AzzyLand family 😀 Hello Citizens of Azzyland…. I’m Azzy …

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  1. Makennah austin says

    Me and My friend thank you for Posting viedos

  2. Jelly Bean says

    I wish I can save all the puppy’s and take care of them

  3. Zachary Duncan says

    beetle juice beetle juice beetle juice beetle juice comes oh no

  4. Liany Maldonado says

    I Love you Azzy and your videos!

  5. flower princess says

    Banana vending machine is for Ben from simplynailogical.
    Banana ooh na na
    Edit: also who has ever disliked their own comment i hv idk why but i did

  6. NightFoxFilms says


  7. Jayden's Slime Life says

    11:00 I can't believe it, they have it! Canned bread! This video is great!

  8. Leblanc Moses says

    I am from Canada and i agree

  9. Kara Marlow says

    The Wether in Candia is drunk

  10. Kara Marlow says

    I love the rain I never use a umbrella

  11. kristina Channells says


  12. Little Hill says

    Why would you want a beetle of course people would want the candy

  13. Lillee Stevens says

    I'm studying about Canada/Toronto. I think it's cool that Canada has more lakes than the rest of the world's lakes combined.I love that Toronto has so many festivals. Shout out PLZZZZ

  14. Katie Lam says

    Azzy: When I try to find a umbrella I can never find them!!!
    Me: Dollar tree there you GO.

  15. Aleyda Jacquez says

    FRIES! FRENCH FRIES! YES 🍟 one like = 1 French fry🍟🍟🍟 comment= 1 burger🍔🍔🍔

  16. Marissa Harrington says

    Does the pizza get stuck

  17. Aubriana flanders says

    Who here is from Missouri just like us people from Missouri feel for you we just got snow(2019 almost 2020)

  18. MrStrongsmoke says

    In Norwey ( ther i live) al hate Kaviar and it is so normal

  19. Sheila Watson says

    Get me a pickachu please. I love him.

  20. Sheila Watson says

    I'll also take the fries.

  21. Sheila Watson says

    I'll take the mashed potatoes. I love them.

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