Unboxed: Alto-Edge GN3 Desktop Microphone [HD]

Unboxed: Alto-Edge GN3 Desktop Microphone [HD]
WATCH IN HD*** This is the unboxing of the Alto-Edge SoundTech GN-3 Gooseneck Professional 18″ Uni-directional Microphone with 10 ft. cord and 3.5 mm …

Source Marques Brownlee
  1. pyaniy_tracktorist says

    История успеха,10 лет с ума сойти,в этом даже есть некая мотивация)…никогда не сворачивай с пути,и да ты крутой.

  2. Adam Markus says

    It was my 5th birthday when this came out

  3. randomquentin says


  4. Creamian67 says

    can you get a USB cord for this mic?

  5. F Fifty topics says

    Class Looking Mic Man! I Just Got An Email From IFrogz Saying THey Will Send Me Alpha A Case!!! 🙂

  6. dennisfreind says

    oh ok

  7. dennisfreind says

    can you compare the old and new one?

  8. dennisfreind says

    cool 5/5

  9. unboxingaddict says

    woow nice ! I want as much sub as you ! 🙂

  10. unboxingaddict says

    very nice product ! you got this for reviewing purposes?

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