Unexplained VIRAL PHOTOS That Fooled Everyone !

Unexplained VIRAL PHOTOS That Fooled Everyone !
Unexplained VIRAL PHOTOS That Fooled Everyone ! SUBSCRIBE and become part of the AzzyLand family 😀 Hello Citizens of Azzyland…. I’m Azzy and …

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  1. Gwendolyn Carroll says

    it was avatar and i love it!!!!!!!!

  2. Isabella Alvarez says

    Narnia has the turtle island thing

  3. Andrew Gowans says

    The turtle is from the deep

  4. cookie cat 9000 says


  5. Enerel Rentsen-Ochir says

    turtle mountain does exist! but its not actaully a mountian…😳

  6. Micah Smith says

    People:do you know who balblabla
    Me:who is blablablabla

  7. killerrings says

    That rock in Thailand and the castle in Germany…THATS ME!

    If u dont understand:my mother I thai and my father is German.

  8. Skylie Folkman says

    The movie with the mountain turtle islands is detective Pekachu.

  9. A pun that I thought: Hey wait! I can’t KETCHUP!
    get it :3

  10. Miley Cutie says

    Like ya know. How would that dude just stick a stick right next to the rice flip thing if there was glass? Why isent there glass on the fried rice fliping bolw in the museum

  11. Kunal Mukherjee says


  12. Jack Stevenson says

    Just a normal someone we explored is 0.1% of space and only 5% of our oceans that means that we know a massive amount of space in the solar system and the universe and only a tiny bit of our ocean

  13. Jack Stevenson says

    Yes that’s true you only have one earth but we do have another Mars;)

  14. Stacy Freeman says

    #azzyland it's Avatar cartoon turtle island

  15. Ella Hill says


  16. Jasmine The DeathFart says

    6:25 yes, it was Avatar Azzy 😀

    (Avatar the last airbender)

  17. Stop killing trees

  18. nopurpose withoutfamily says

    Hey cow moooooooooooove

  19. nopurpose withoutfamily says

    Azzy, so sleek so classy

  20. Branavi Janarthanan says

    At 2:28 she said panda and said wakanda forever before the panda lion being black speech

    If y’all don’t get this I’m weird and sorry

  21. CatCraftMika s says


    But it did show once in Egypt. I think in 2011

  22. That Playlist Channel says

    When she said gullible was on the roof I looked. Like if you did too.

  23. SaiJa D says

    The turtle island is from I think the deep

  24. best friend says

    It’s avatar

  25. CloveBubblez says

    Where can I get your top? It's pretty ○w○

  26. Leo Esqueda says

    Yeah some are white

  27. ♡Melody Giggles♡ says

    666 dislikes wth

  28. Great Bowers says

    I looked at the thumbs down and it was 666

  29. Challenge Nathan says

    The turtle island is from avatar

  30. Its_Pastel pink says

    your correct its from avatar

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