Upside-Down Peanut Butter Banana French Toast Bake

Upside-Down Peanut Butter Banana French Toast Bake
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  1. MusicalTheatreFan says

    Editor: How many words do you want in the title of your video?
    Tasty: Yes

  2. Pamela Anderson says

    That looks amazing!! I will make this after collecting the missing ingredients. Yummy

  3. Если бы ещё в граммах писали, цены бы вам не было)

  4. Zahida Piracha says

    Ooh yummy🤤

  5. Daniela RM says

    i tried cooking this, it didn't look the same of course BUT IT TASTED AMAZING IT WAS SO FUCKING DELICIOUS THANKS TASTY

  6. MOCMationFilm says


  7. E Alex says

    Every time tasty makes bread pudding and calls it a french toast bake I die a little inside.

  8. Marina Osama says

    banana with egg is a poison

  9. Unicorn Tier says

    looks so good. BTW i tried it and it tastes soooooo good!!

  10. Alina 122 says

    Random HP fact:
    A wand is translated to baguette in French Harry potter books!

  11. Enrique López Fimbres says

    real and great taste !!!

  12. Prince Jellyfish says

    I will not believe this is a breakfast; this is a dessert.

  13. Leonie Vanstappen says

    "French Toast Bake" so do we just not say bread pudding anymore lmao

  14. Efe Günaydın says

    unknown uses of most powerful French weapon

  15. Salvador Is says


  16. Tanner Tanner says

    thanks again for your time to share..

  17. Iris Petto says

    can the title get any longer

  18. Burak Eren says

    WHERE IS THE ICE CREAM ON TOP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  19. Bagdaja says

    looks like diabetes

  20. Tamás Bálint Kucsora says

    "Pan will be hot."
    OMG, I didn't know that until this moment. Thank you, Tasty, I'm not gonna die stupid! 😱😱😱😱

  21. space alien says

    LARGE BAGUETTE!!!!!!!!

  22. master vivi says

    this is genius 😊

  23. Kirit Kumar says


  24. Nhật Thành Bùi says


  25. Fairose Aurna says

    how many upside downs,tasty?

  26. Bailee Anderson says

    Ok wait hold up. Who tf cracks an egg by smashing it on the counter???

  27. Kadomex says


  28. Army Sone2822 says

    yummy yummy.

  29. the pineapple universe says

    ok…but why did they cracking the eggs on the table, and then leave the mess on the table…?¿?¿

  30. Savannah Gamble says

    0:591:02 was beautiful

  31. Smile productions says

    that video is like one of the older tasty videos. i liked it

  32. Elizabeth Jardine says

    I hate how ppl are hating on tasty. If you don't like the content, don't watch the videos. it's that simple. Jeez. Can we at least appreciate how they upload every day?!

  33. Crimson Voices says

    I'd add more bananas to balance out the sauciness.

  34. Samuel says

    how healthy/unhealthy is this

  35. Waffle AD says

    and nuckles

  36. InitialDei says

    Can you guys stick with grams and millilitre as unit of measurement?

  37. Sochy _ says

    I don't think we appreciate how tasty uploads a recipe everyday

  38. Mustaches May says

    They said 1 baguette when they only showed half

  39. Ricky Bobby says

    That flip was smooth

  40. Rachel Arnold says

    IMO, brioche is better for french toast than baguette.

  41. Kendra Steinhauer says

    OMG !

  42. Ava Sammons says

    Oh god… the oh yes guy is back

  43. Spazout13 says


  44. Shiv Silverhawk says

    you guys are great!!!! pure genius!!!!

  45. maythe otalora says

    Veganize this!

  46. T T Moore says

    Ooo hooo Noooo!

  47. awesome asssdsdlsfdgddf says

    Buuut it snot really freanch toast unlessu bake  : just soggy bread

  48. Elysia says

    That whole title was a rollercoaster

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