Vegan Pulled Pork Sandwiches

Vegan Pulled Pork Sandwiches
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  1. TanakinSkywalker says

    No such thing as vegan pulled pork

  2. Casara Lee says

    Tried this. It was absolutely delicious!!

  3. Jaleen George says

    Mushroom ? …

  4. CarpetHater says

    i just realised that the girl at 1:33 is merle. This is probably before she went vegan.

  5. Alex says

    Not gonna lie, these people either have never had actual pulled pork OR are lying, cuz I had one of these thinking it was a pulled pork sandwich and it was the worst “pulled pork” I ever had. It tasted like someone put mushrooms and bar b Q sauce in between a bun and called it a pulled pork sandwich. I will say it wasn’t bad but it didn’t rly taste like a pulled pork sandwich at all. 5/10 honestly.

  6. Briana BlessedQueen Adams says

    Could I substitute beef stock

  7. Brandon Pray says

    I want one

  8. Farhin says

    So I tried this a while ago, and I think I should type an honest review on it. It kind of sucked. The recipe looked really good in the beginning and people like it so I decided to spend hours making it. The whole house started to smell like jack fruit and even my pee the very next day. And the moment I took a bite of the sandwich, I couldn't take another. I know it's better to not use ripe jackfruits, but I thought since Tasty did, it would make some difference in texture and how to cook it. Sorry Tasty, I love you, but this one recipe put me off 🙁

  9. Lindsey Bush says

    I'm vegetarian and my family has pulled pork night a lot so I used to eat cereal those nights now I can make this instead thanks

  10. Raquel Correa says

    Jeez why do people hate vegans so much? …

  11. Sweet potatoes Oh yeah says

    Doesn’t worcestershire sauce have fish in it?

  12. AMM0beatz says

    Dont have problem with vegan food, I actually love it, its just funny when they try to imitate meat dishes calling it pulled pork. Sorry this is pulled jackfruit not pulled pork.

  13. Diane Fennelly says

    What is liquid smoke

  14. Schmutzgreifer says

    This is delicious!  A keeper!  Thank you!

  15. Kokkino but dead says

    I'm not vegan and even I wanna try it. I want to be vegan so badly and I think jackfruit and mushroom based meals are the best substitutes.

  16. Thilak Reddy says

    Jackfruit been used in Hindu rajput community for the substitute of non veg but western people will say we discovered it like many others 😂 🤣

  17. Derick Nguyen says

    me: an asian who thought americans didn't know what jackfruit is

  18. irgendein mädel says

    1:45 beginning of merle pranking people

  19. Theodora Sarah Abigail says

    that looks disgusting

  20. Karima Gibson says

    Tried this recipe it didn’t work😫: jackfruit is too expensive to have to throw it way🙄

  21. steven bill says

    Made this myself with pork

    Was soooooo good!

  22. Orchids salon Kannur says

    For best results,use unripe jackfruit

  23. Deborah Douglas says

    This is the best bbq jackfruit recipe I've tried, even my non vegan family loved it. I used canned, not sure we have fresh available here in the UK

  24. Genie Munster says

    Can i skip the oven cause I don't have one ??

  25. Naren Sreenivasan says

    I tried making this with the fresh fruit, but it became all pasty after cooking 45 minutes. I put it in the oven for 60 minutes and it looked more like a flat cake (one big placard). The whole texture turned out wrong. Its tasty though.

  26. Code Voltage says

    Doesn't look too bad but I'll stick to the real thing.

  27. jeonghoon choi says

    Can we talk about how good that coleslaw looks

  28. MsWolfie says

    Instructions weren't clear enough. Got stuck on the roof.

    Btw the jackfruit tastes delicious

  29. Raccoon says

    fuck this shit, i didn't come here for a stupid music video. FUCK YOU CUNT


    I have a friend, he’s one of those guys that posts memes that are ‘Vegans/Vegetarians be like’ and it’s a person eating grass.
    I really wanna make this for him, and then tell him it’s Vegetarian.
    Buuuut I have no cooking skills 🙂

  31. Deesha Slim says


  32. simply veggies says

    Hey, jackfruit is great as a pulled pork substitute. I think banana skin works even better. Check out my recipe here

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