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Source Roxxsaurus
  1. Barbi says

    Hey Roxi😊
    I really would like to see a couple custom ideas in this year🙏 we are out of ideas😂

  2. ESRA Flower says

    Love it 😍😍😍😍

  3. Narmeen Sh says

    OMG that’s awesome i really love it
    Good job👍🏽

  4. Rachael Etchells says

    This is so dopeeee

  5. Andrea Torres says

    You really went all over the way!!! Waooooo!!! It looks soooo freaking coool. 👻

  6. Amazing Yummy says

    You are the beautiful girl & good makeup

  7. Charmaine886 says

    Amazing skill with just make up
    Truely awesome

  8. Tin Bernas says

    You are really really good!! Hands down

  9. Chiara Scaglioni says

    Wow this is stunning😱 you're so freaking talented! You definitely put so much effort into this!

  10. Sarayu Meedimale says

    We Stann 🙌🙌

  11. alvina heshmati says

    who else loves Rox???

  12. alexis sheets says

    So talented

  13. Natasha Moppert says

    Ok love ur vids.. but why do I feel like you're yelling at me in every video??

  14. Afida Arsha says

    That look is SPOT ON!!!

  15. Laura Adomaitytė says

    You look fantastic!!! ❤ Amazing artist. ❤

  16. Mughali Futhena says

    Wow roxi.. Nailed it👌

  17. Cj Jimenez says

    Please make a Coraline Doll halloween makeup tutorial😊🙏❤️

  18. Rolinda Tokpam says

    I would really love to see the make up removal video too 🤩🤩🤩

  19. Maria Rachko says

    Wow! Ur very talented

  20. Briana Bouvier says

    You should've did half venom and half glam asf

  21. hiya biya says

    Anyone know the music at 9:10? Absolutely love your venom makeup look it’s so awesome!

  22. Samantha Lefebvre says

    Damn roxi!

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