Viral Asian Makeup Transformation Tutorial

Viral Asian Makeup Transformation Tutorial

 #Viral #Asian #Makeup #Transformation #Tutorial
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  1. Guilford Paul says

    It looks like they are yanking there skin off


    I think the drink makes their mouth smaller or their teeth or their mouth bigger

  3. Serdan Garip says

    Azzy: and you're ready to go to sleep

  4. Ileesa Edwin says
  5. Itzshadow Gacha says

    Her hands!

  6. Itzshadow Gacha says

    Why do we have to remove the eyebrows??

  7. Savannah Ice says

    Azzy: do I look pretty yet??
    Me: mmmm hold up…
    Azzy: don't answer that…! 🙁

  8. Awesomedaniel says


  9. Awesomedaniel says

    Ths a yummy nose

  10. AwesomeGachaCookie 135 says

    I saw a concealer face Hing drink at Walmart so I think that's what the drink was

  11. Jasmine Ortiz says

    One like one prayer for Azzy in her make-up

  12. bobby daniels says

    A alien under those peeps your watching RUN!

    Not azzy she's beutfull just the way she is well…evry one is… the comment pls

  13. Madilynn Diaz says

    Azzy you do you ever think that stuff that are drinking is what makes their eyes bigger I mean I’m just saying

  14. Guadalupe Corona says

    Azzy: YEE 😊 Ariana Grande in Thank u next:Yee

  15. Gacha Spring Playzz says

    This has nothing to do with it but my friend got a lego stuck up her nose

  16. Rothna Rahman says

    “Eyebrows has left the chat”
    Me:….they will come back anytime until she goes to a party

  17. Sunny Games says

    Azzy they use double eyelid glue.

  18. abdul kashalo says

    Tell me where you live 😁😁😁

  19. abdul kashalo says

    Sure I will come up with a stamp

  20. sherly regis says


  21. Princess Nikki Gacha says

    Hahahaha ur so funny 😂🤣😅

  22. Ava Kempster says

    Oh wow

  23. Masonあゔぁ says

    Do what every makes you happy-Azzy
    Try not to waste too much time on makeup-Azzy STOP RIPPING THINGS OFF YOUR FACE-Azzy like if u think azzy is a little crazy but we still love her

  24. Masonあゔぁ says

    In Asian but I dont go that far with make up

  25. top line says


  26. Grace Jakes says

    So pretty

  27. Ibi Oladunni says

    Azzy it helps there teeth

  28. Artistic Noko_doko says

    Why she changed her skin color (if she’s Chinese)
    It’s bc when your skin is brown it looks like your poor if u are white your “rich”

  29. lysawyder says


  30. Novale Corbyn says

    Hashtag save azzy

  31. Jovelyn Ayang-ang says

    Ur always pretty azzy …dont worry

  32. Emerald Hartman says

    2:20 you have become mettaton great job

  33. Pauline Green says


  34. Sports are cool says

    “I just hope that this isn’t a daily routi- oh hi can I have her face?”

  35. Gabrielle Obinku-Brody says

    Pretty Pretty Azzy

  36. Angel Diaz says


  37. Jowie Nicolette Jolejole says

    Your soooo pretty ilove you i watch your vides when i was 4 we love you

  38. Carmen Duarte says

    She has d I d disorder

  39. Micah Throckmorton says

    I think that stuff that they put in there nose is to catch there snot so it does not drip

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