VLOG || Lake District & Blackpool

VLOG || Lake District & Blackpool
Hey guys!! Here’s a little vlog of mine and Matt’s trip to the Lake District and Blackpool, hope you enjoy this short montage of the highlights of our weekend away!

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  1. Maddison Beaton says

    I live near the Lake District 😸

  2. Jessica Bombay says

    loved it amazing video looks like you two had a blast y'all are so cute together

  3. Mia says

    I went to Blackpool just a week before them!

  4. tell no one says

    Hi! Where exactly is this Lake District? Can you please let me know postcode? :)) thank you 🌸

  5. Kaitlyn Smith says

    Front seat on the big one at pleasure beach? You lucky things😂💕

  6. Roos - says

    This is so inspiring! Love it

  7. ashlikethat says

    Love your Vlog! It's really creative, artistic and just brings us viewers into another world. I really enjoyed it. And you and Matt are so cute ♡ Bless you 🙂

  8. DAZZLIN says

    your couple is too cute! I really enjoy this video <3

  9. Sofia Ortega M says

    Hey, what is the name of the somg?

  10. Holly Ryan says

    Such a creative and beautiful vlog ! Love your channel <3

  11. Ash Ellsmith says

    what do you use to edit? love all your videos

  12. Molly Keates says

    Hey love your vids

  13. Millie Gill says

    Please do more of these 😇

  14. Leah Monkeys says

    This is so cool its looks so fun

  15. AJ Clementine says

    DEFFS MORE OF THESE!! The artsiness is giving me LIFE!! Love watching you & Matt be hella coote <3 <3 <3

  16. Man budbud says

    He is so lucky !  i wish i can find a girl like you one day.

  17. aleksandra bolmanovic says

    wooow!! beautiful 
    and i just have one question .. i watched your video about gettig rid of the red tone in hair… i see you your hair now and your color is beautiful.. did you change something or you doing the same thing you did in that video?

  18. BridgetsBudgetBeauty says

    I loved the video, it looked so fun and was creatively filmed ^_^ Did you use a special kind of camera for this vlogging style filming?

  19. schwarzweissfilter says

    Beautiful Video ❤️

  20. Kay Naylor says

    om I live in Blackpool asdfghjkl

  21. cameron says

    oh my gosh your vlogs are my faavvee!!

  22. laceysamelia12 says

    Heya 🙂 going to Lake District with my bf in the summer ☺️ where abouts did you stay ?? Looks so nice and so many places to pick from 😘

  23. Gina Evans says

    I live in the lakes :3 so lucky

  24. Leajajaj says

    Please start a vlogging channel. Love you💕

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