VLOG : TRIP TO ITALY || Rome, Lake Garda, Venice

VLOG : TRIP TO ITALY || Rome, Lake Garda, Venice
Hello lovelies! I am baaaack, sorry for not uploading recently but I hope you guys enjoy this vlog from our trip to Italy, let me know if you like this kind of video and …

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  1. wonderful fit life of Elio says

    Nice one check out my edit from garda lake 👍🏼

  2. Jessica Bombay says

    Omg Rome is so beautiful thanks for sharing that food looked yum an the flame art was amazing glad y'all had a great time your amazing girl

  3. Cristina Andreoli says

    Thank you very much.❤

  4. Manuel A says

    I live in ROME

  5. Nathalia Mazón says

    Awesome video ! I want to make a video of a trip to Europe, how can I make it so it's not kind of boring with just pictures?, because I only took a few videos while I was there.

  6. Mariaclaudia Mastrototaro says

    ps: rox, do you like italy?

  7. Mariaclaudia Mastrototaro says

    Ho visto questi posti tantissime volte… Non mi sarei aspettata di vederli su un canale di una ragazza inglese!
    i saw this places a log of times. i don't thought see this on a english girl's channel!!

  8. Lucrezia De Angelis says

    La mia Roma 🇮🇹

  9. JESSE KIM says

    whoa 5:56 I grew up on a ranch but I've never seen a cow scratch his head with his foot! From what I've seen, they scratch their heads on a rock or on each other. I guess all animals are the same in that way then, huh?

  10. LorenaSchi says

    Awesome Video!
    I've posted my Travel Vlog of Venice and Verona yesterday:) Would be amazing if you could have a look☺️

  11. Roxanne Guienne says

    what is her real name ? sorry i'm new siscriber

  12. Patrizia Rubino says

    torna in Italia

  13. Ginger Taylor says

    Imagine having that relationship guys omg

  14. zipLollort says

    vivo a romaa

  15. batita says

    omg I live in ROMEEEE

  16. Sara Baldini says

    giustamente si prendono la lasagna e la pizza a Roma… che meraviglia gli stranieri!! 😂😂
    anyway you are adorable and the video is amazing, you have enjoyed the best places of my country!

  17. Styled by k. says

    love your vlog! italy is sooo beautiful! 🙂
    xx kathi

  18. Clara Z says

    Awsome Video Roxxaurus! 🙂 I Like Italy alot! Love all the places you visited. I really enjoyed watching your video. Thank you for sharing your video with all of us! 😉 <3

  19. Clara Z says

    Awsome Video Roxxaurus! 🙂 I Like Italy alot! Love all of the places you visited. I really enjoyed watching your video,Thank you for sharing it with all of us! 😉 <3

  20. Mind of Paka says

    Wow so great! You can see my movie trip in Roma on my channel =) enjoy.

  21. J4gger kloSS says

    Wow you boyfried ! Verynice video from italy <3

  22. Sky1 says

    what month was this that you were there?

  23. Martii says

    I'm Italian, and, now, I love you better.

  24. Rebss // says

    I live near the Garda Lake

  25. G C says

    I'm from Venice! Sad i didnt meet you!

  26. Giada Dreamer says

    Hii i follow you from Italy…between Venice 😘😊

  27. Rianne Denise says

    Oh i adore this video! I've been to Rome two years ago and this year I visited Venice. I just love Italy and watching vlogs from people who went here, because it brings me back to Italy <3

  28. Winter Lyn Cuento says

    You're gorgeous and your boy friend is an oh so lucky guy…

  29. Charlie Thomas says

    I live in Venice ♡

  30. Cosmopolitans says

    Venice is awesom! So romantic! I made a video about Venice too, please take a look in my channel 😉

  31. thats gio says

    This is where I live. Totally amazing. And you haven't seen Tuscany, Florence, Sicily, Sardinia, Amalfi Coast, Naples, Salento. Everyone in this world should come at least one time in their lives in our beautiful country. Full of art and passion.

  32. eimear lyons says

    the ski lift thing in malcesine is unreal!

  33. Michela Algenii says

    i live near Garda Lake omg

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