"Wanna Smoke Before?"

"Wanna Smoke Before?"
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  1. Josh Lynch says

    “Has baby, we should smoke outta this.”

  2. Dylan says

    Before BuzzFeed went full SJW

  3. lovdusk says

    your mom

  4. Youtuber #87725439 says

    anyone else recognize him as Doug Forcett from The Good Place?

  5. Sammie Isn’t Real says

    “A part of him lives inside me, doesn’t it?”

  6. Francisco Velazquez says

    I smoked before

  7. jule c: says

    ughhh perf realationship

  8. Rose Sambrook says

    I’ve never related so much in my life

  9. Chris rrrRr says

    Actually a better love story than Twilight

  10. Mexicanlolify says

    Lmao 😂😁😁

  11. lynnthegreat10 says

    Omg I had a friend like this. It was like she could infinitely smoke weed & never be stoned. I smoke 1 bowl & I am on another planet lol.

  12. Jenna Elsola says

    Thats me. 😂😭

  13. Braxton's Reactions says

    I wish I had this much money, I’m broke😂😂😂😂

  14. Shari Dillon says

    Why is this me

  15. Laura Elston says

    I’m pretty fried right now and that was beautiful

  16. musiq Khid says

    She’s annoying lowkey

  17. Daria Moonslut says

    Honestly me asf

  18. oiocha says

    weed sucks

  19. IwatchStuff says

    Man, if I can find love like them. Like a good stoner relationship; that be great. I mean I dont want to smoke THAT much but still.
    Those two are a cute couple tbh.

  20. Gerald Samms says

    i'm so crumb blasted

  21. Col0mbiana says

    Stoner love the best ✊🏼❤️❤️❤️

  22. Josh Lynch says

    So smackeddd dude

  23. kristen says

    She's me on the weekends 😂

  24. βΘlΘH AG says

    I smoke before watch this

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