We Compete To Find The Best Discount On A Prom Dress

We Compete To Find The Best Discount On A Prom Dress
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  1. Aashrita Banerjee says

    couldn't they have just used honey or something?

  2. SlavaZone says

    Wish they would have gone to an actual prom store and searched the discount racks, as there is no way to prove a dress's original price, especially with so many cheap knock-off website out there! The first one yes, since she could find other regular priced dresses by that brand, but the second? No WAY.

  3. Shikhaa Munglani says

    There is absolutely no way either can prove the original value of each of their dresses however, the Asos dress and discount seemed real enough because of the brand value but Nina's method was wrong and this challenge makes no sense. Anything can have any description or quotation online and BuzzFeed/ As Is should know better. 700 dollars is a lot of money and considering that as a discount is an enormous mistake. The content of this page is deteriorating faster than I expected.

  4. Hamster Art says

    my dress was on sale for 50% off lol. 150 to 75 AUD. it was at a bridal salon lol.

  5. Vera Weatherspoon says

    I bought my dress for prom at Ross the day of for $20. I had the same dress as a girl who paid $250 for hers.😂

  6. Aud the God says

    Both the dresses looked amazing 👍

  7. Vöxtur says

    I’m so mad I’m just find out about the asos student discount

  8. :s o u r o m i: says

    Why are these 30 something year olds buying/trying prom dresses?

  9. Arlene Chespor says

    Is ruelala a safe/good website? Does anyone have any experience with it?

  10. Weight Loss Dietitian says

    Wish everyone a good day.

  11. iamallamaninja says

    My prom dress was $6 at Goodwill 💖 legit my favorite dress I own, actually. It’s a black L’Atiste maxi dress with an amazing lace back. I love itttttt 🖤

  12. L.R. Red says

    Neither one of those dresses are worth their original prices… that’s insane & explains why they were so heavily discounted. 😮

  13. Zara Chen says

    It's so sad that her manager is a grad student

  14. turkoizdog says

    Honestly Nina's could be a wedding dress

  15. Kandy Harlequin says

    When they started talking about discounts all my darn YouTube brain kept thinking about was Honey 😂

  16. Cee_ Gee says

    I spent $600 on prom dress. Should have taken everyone’s advice on not spending so much for something you’re going to wear only once.


    There is no such thing as a short prom dress. If you wear a short dress to prom…EW

  18. Sally Shoaf says

    That dress that Chloe picked looks like my prom dress, which wasn't supposed to be a prom dress.

  19. Mariangela Garcia says

    I bought my prom dress for $40 at Ross

  20. Ally_A says

    Bought my prom dress yesterday for 250€. For such occasions I'm never cheap and ready to pay a little more. And tbh you can just look at a prom dress and tell wich one was more expensive, or you can tell by touch. I also tried some cheaper ones on but that just ain't it.
    But if you can't afford expensive dresses, such discounts are really a nice thing. But you should look up the brand because yeah sometimes cheap brands are trying to look more expensive with "fake discounts" but in the end, you end up with a cheap dress

  21. Thaís França says

    ok. but where is Kristin to check if those dresses are ok with the dress code???

  22. For Christmas says

    Both girls have found wonderful dresses for a good price! Well done!

  23. Jennifer_Liam Loren says

    Well guess what? My first prom dress ever is going to be 100% free since i am making it myself from some fabric I have had laying around for years and my old clothes!

  24. Aurora Godinez says

    I wish they would’ve picked prettier dresses …

  25. Ellie Gordon says

    Brush I'm too cheap I'm just buying some trash bags lol

  26. Allie boo says

    I got my prom dress for free because I didn't go to prom. Now that's a savings of 100%!

  27. malia ツ says

    i can’t wrap my head around the fact that some people actually pay hundreds of dollars for a single dress that they’ll wear once or twice.

  28. Tj Crawford says

    I'm sorry but I don't consider the British girl's dress a "prom" dress. That looked like a dress an adult woman would wear to a wedding. I guess she picked something she would get some use out of but I wish she would have chosen something a teenager would really wear to the prom.

  29. Space Pickle says

    my prom dress was originally 200 and i got it for 60 it was absolutely stunning

  30. G Jane Knochenhauer says

    A 👏M👏 A 👏Z 👏O👏 N

  31. Onyx Helena Ember-Graves says

    I bought both my junior and senior prom dresses on amazon. I don't remember what last year cost, but this one is 35.99

  32. MER Made 106 says

    I got my prom dress for free at a prom dress give away at a near by church and it was beautiful and fit perfect. You dont need to buy a dress to get a good one. These discount dresses are still over $100

  33. Riley Tarp-Braasch says

    I found my prom dress at Ross for $19 🙂 originally from Dillard’s for $150

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