We Lived Like Billie Eilish For A Day

We Lived Like Billie Eilish For A Day
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  1. nope says

    Vi var Billie Eilish för en dag

  2. janel nona says

    sit down pose or asian squat

  3. Harley Quinn says

    How to actually live like billy eyelash:

    1.Cry and be depressed for no god damn reason while others are dying of hunger and getting killed
    2. Be edgy
    3. Cuss
    4. Say you have a tragic life to everyone you see
    5. Act like a tough guy

  4. Isabel Santos says

    I know everyone has already said this but the frap has whip cream so it's not vegan. So either Billie's made a mistake and thinks whip cream is vegan. Or someone has forgotten to mention that you'd have to order the frap without the whipped cream probably the reporter who interviewed Billie forgot to mention that idk.

  5. saveangel says

    You guys are running out of ideas

  6. Adrienne Scullion says

    Yes billie

  7. Gacha Matt says

    Where's the "stress relief"

  8. Gacha Matt says

    Ehem vegan

  9. S P says

    Do we lived like 6ix9ine for a day

  10. Katie Sardo says

    Lol everyone in the comments like "that's not vegan". I'm not even vegan and I know that's not vegan.

  11. Mikaela Rewerts says

    2:52 I see Lindsay in the back lol

  12. Jules says

    9:55 "hip hop" dance party

  13. Jules says

    Is that the girl who that soy sauce tasted like tea?

  14. John Secret Spirit says

    Next live like Cupcakke 4 a day, suking dicks,fkng men,lckng d! Deeepthroatin! If you are a non vegan you not a Billie Eillis Fan!

  15. Beatriz Vieira says

    I did like the video but y'all went to search facts from a goooooood time ago, when she was not actually happy about herself, when she was depressed and I think you guys should do a part two with more recent facts about her, y'all can ask to a fan page, I have one on Instagram and if you guys want to make a research or some help about this video is @billieeilish___pt

  16. Sarah Settimo says

    Caramel and whipped cream…not vegan…

  17. Black Daria says

    Those hip hop dance parties were cringey ASF

  18. Kaitlin R says

    This video is stupid

  19. TactiSielu says

    I'm highkey gay for Nadia 👀

  20. Laslie Holmberg says

    Dude no chains 👏SHE👏ALWAYS👏WEARS👏CHAINS👏

  21. leafviolet says

    Whipped cream? Very vegan yes

  22. Surayya Mirza says

    Ofc she will call her mum 3 times a day she is only 17 she will definitely miss her mum I miss mum at school and that is just 6 hours so why won't she miss her mum every day.

  23. 10kittenexplosions says

    12/10 terrible content

  24. Chloe Mashburn says


  25. Victoria Andersson says

    You forgot that she masturebates multiple time’s a day

  26. Grace Dellimore says

    If I see another Billie video one more time

  27. Emma Fletcher says

    I’m so confused… how’s Billie vegan if the caramel Frappuccino has caramel in it and whipped cream?

  28. Artie Carden says

    does billie eilish kno caramel isnt vegan lmaoo

  29. Villainous says

    Living like Billie eilish for a day
    13 your old girl “oh my god that’s me everyday of my life”

  30. Mj Green says

    Ok who gave her the fake merch

  31. ChrxsMP4 says

    Imagine your life being THAT empty 😶

  32. amaya says

    what's the caution tape for lmao

  33. amaya says

    billie doesn't even have her nails anymore-

  34. Derek Kirk says

    Pretty sure caramel isn't vegan so kinda pointless

  35. Gabriel Alvarez says

    Who isn’t Billie Eilish? Literally everyone in the world. She is original 😊

  36. Abby Zavala says


  37. Móna Ísafold Dagsdóttir says

    I think that the nail salon they went to…wasn't that good…they fell off in the first hour.

  38. Elizabeth Adam says

    Billie is actually the best. Ever.

  39. Love_Hate says

    Just to add n I love Billie Eilish

  40. aurrie jones says


  41. Mandy Bizaillion says

    whipped cream? vegan?

  42. Haley McGrady says

    Is tall Billie high?

  43. YouTube Account says

    If only Jazz and Lindsay were on this video

  44. William Parker says

    Who's Billy Eyelashe?

  45. Leeloogalaxy says

    Living like a spoiled, depressed, teenager… what fun! Ridiculous 👏

  46. Christina Tedla says

    This is weird

  47. fishnu brah says

    No one can be billie eillish

  48. Taylor Fischer says

    no chains, she's also gluten free and not once did they watch the office…id like to speak with the research department

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