We Made A 100-Layer Dip • Tasty

We Made A 100-Layer Dip • Tasty
“Every single layer has to be different, that’s the rules.” Follow Alvin for more food adventures: https://www.instagram.com/alvinzhoupwns Check out Kelsey here!

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  1. Alvin Zhou says

    We joked about making this in an aquarium…until we realized that was the only vessel large enough.

  2. Wertox says

    5:20 Its a polish sausege I know it becouse im from poland and we eat it regularly and the most popular is Kiełbasa Śląska

  3. Polly Lee says

    Absolutely no one
    Kelsey: I love veggies!

  4. Hans Hoerdemann says

    Her thumb is curved backwards.

  5. Puterii Batrisyiaa says

    I hope kelsey not single anymore 🤣🤣🤣

  6. Lankston Ong says

    I ship it

  7. Flame Nox says

    How do you even know what ass tastes like alvin? XD

  8. simon says

    2,2k people disked this video only because you used plastic straws :/

  9. Jady Wady says

    Smelly Gabe and his poker friends would be down for this. ( Percy Jackson reference anyone?)

  10. tintaenmispalabras says

    Missed the opportunity to do a giant garden salad

  11. MayaAngelou1 says

    Can't help but just think about the food waste

  12. Danyelle Arbour says

    I also hate cilantro, it tastes like soap to me too. I think i saw somewhere it is legit a biological thing

  13. Mumei 176 says

    I see a new ship–

  14. Prasant Bhujel says

    Anyone realize the drinks look like candy corn???

  15. Goldens' Cast Iron says

    Now that is true passion! Folks, if you're going to create a layered dip, don't just stop at 2-3, go for 100! Just buy an aquarium first! Lol! Nice video!

  16. Christine Roanne Jasmin says

    How would you eat that???

  17. Demario Harris says

    And i bet most of it went to waste and people are starving smh..

  18. Void Abstraction says

    Better have eaten all that food. Otherwise massively amoral waste.

  19. Maddy PlayzXD says


  20. Rekli says

    alvin you are a prick, your ideas are shit

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