We Style Savage x Fenty Lingerie As Clothes For A Day

We Style Savage x Fenty Lingerie As Clothes For A Day
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  1. Melo says

    I'm sorry Jazz but that second outfit looks like it belongs on somebody in a Walmart.

  2. emily 33 says

    I think wearing jeans and the black dress out like a long tunic would be cool but with out the white top

  3. rosemary greenwald says

    i got a savage x fenty ad before this omg

  4. Jessie Rae says

    Both of jazzmynes outfits looked cheap and over the top

  5. Sheena Honeycutt says

    Pick random new people make them style random box of clothes from other videos

  6. Nostalgia Escape says

    only at Buzzfeed…

    only at Buzzfeed.

  7. shesofunny says

    well these are basically just tank tops once you throw jeans over them (besides the corset) so idk how they expected them to turn out bad.

  8. FabulousKilljoy917 says

    I’d have just kept Destinee’s slip as a dress, I thought she looked cute, and then like high heel boots but truthfully I love anything with jeans🙌

  9. MoorsBoors says

    I like Jazz but her excess weight is absolutely terrible for her health, she risks so much but covers it up as ‘body positivity’

  10. Cassandra Powell says

    Wow forgot Freddie work there.

  11. bookwormidaho321 says

    What I am loving about the corset from the first fitting is that it has a zipper in the side. I hate it when you're trying to get something with laces off during a date and you two (or more) have lost interest by the time you get it off.

  12. Natalie Painter says

    Jesus what HAPPENED to Jasmine??? She looks AWFUL

  13. Nyantee A says

    Only in these videos with jazz and corset girl do I get to really see the black women of buzzfeed which makes me sad like I want more

  14. Nicosha Daniels says

    Destinee's second look was so cute! Since she asked for suggestion, I would have maybe tried stockings or leggings under the slip instead of jeans (maybe some boy shorts for extra coverage underneath) and a black belt at the waist with the same shoes.

  15. Reyna Reyes says

    I always thought it was Savage x(by) Fenty 🤔

  16. Brandi Bigelow says

    I wish I had as much confidence as Jazz!

  17. Yerubi Ferrer says

    Rihanna is what the girlies need. I love Savage x Fenty and feeling beautiful. Love how inclusive the brand is & the range 👏🏽👏🏽

  18. Rebecca Church says

    I wish I was as brave as Jaz mixing prints. I never do, I feel silly when I try. 💜 love you ladies

  19. Crystal - says

    These challenges are just excuses for the girls to get free stuff they want buzzfeed to buy SOLVED

  20. Corinne Buddy says

    I have been doing this (non fenty obviously) since highschool. This is cute, but camis in general used to be considered an undergarment. Slip dress or cami with suit/ suit dress =90s look I can get behind! As far as the corset on top as part of a look… welcome to the goth side girl.

  21. Tbabee033 says

    Destinee could have worn fishnets with combat boots or chunky heels with the second outfit

  22. JRoyal says

    Every time I see Jazz I want to throw up

  23. PaigeR says


  24. Sophie Keou says

    Y'all are running out of ideas

  25. Annika Ostrowski says

    DAMN JAZZS FIRST OUTFIT IS A FCKING LOOK omg and those jeans look so good on you!!

  26. P Opio says

    Wow she killed that loook! The black corset with the white top is a looook ❤️

    The mirror in the background was so distracting 😂

  27. ForevaLaTrelle says

    Not feeling the blonde eyebrows. Looks like she has none😂

  28. Welcome To My Life says

    Wait…why is Jaz wearing nails?! 😂

  29. Ashleigh Sanders says

    I thought the "thot" necklace said "thor."

  30. lilliana belle says

    Why are they like “you copied jazz”???

  31. Emiirin says

    Poki styled it with the white shirt too

  32. Yen Bui says

    Omg yes! So gorgeous love all the looks ❤️

  33. Virgil Allen says


  34. Oxa Karamba says

    Omg, i just noticed Lindsey changed a haircut, i wanna see it closer

  35. Julissa Valencia says

    Jazz is so negative my god

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