We Tried Magnetic Lashes

We Tried Magnetic Lashes
These lashes magnetically hold together, sandwiching your real lashes in the middle….glue free. Get the magnetic lashes here: http://fave.co/2hl6M5v We hope …

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  1. N A Y L E E N says

    I need theseeeee omg 🤩

  2. Mona Campbell says

    I could never do the magnets alone- but magnetic liner is magical!! SweetSouthernLashes.com

  3. Devin Terrazas says

    They look pretty on him👏😊 lol 👍

  4. AIMEE ROB says

    How do they go on ??? Why is your eyelash magnetic, is there glue you put on fist. I’m so confused

  5. The Resa says

    So youtube made me realize that only one person is allowed to do videos and it is a crime for someone else to do them.

  6. The Resa says

    You dragged me in a room and asked me if i wanted to try something fun 😹😹

  7. shannon wylie says

    Why did the guy keep talking about cows. He was not funny at all. Duh. Ruined it.

  8. Infamous Rasta says

    srsly…. vomits.

  9. karma rose says

    Not everyone knows who Saf (?) Safia (?) is it's new and a lot of people are going to post their personal/professional experience on a new product, get over it. While your at it look up how many marble nail and magnetic nail polish videos exist. Everyone's experience with something will be different. Btw, some people only watched this video because it's short.

  10. ItWillBeOkayLove says

    Whotafuq is saf?
    I'm curious as to whether these lash things work or not and how they work. So you have to glue that first one on and then the second one magnets onto the first one u applied? Is there how it works?

  11. Moira • says

    Anyone heard the girl said that she's going to stick the lashes to her eyeball, or ya'll too busy to comment about Saf???? 😂

  12. Kiran Bahadar says

    I wished they did a zoom in

  13. Vee Vee says

    My lil sister name is Safiya ,nice to see another person with that name,it's not very common.

  14. Top Videos says

    they are on sale for 75% and when you use the promo code BEAUTY you get free shipping here https://smartshoppers-co.com/products/magnetic-eyelashes

  15. Jah Lyrix says

    yall are hilarious

  16. Beauty News with Angela Cruz says

    I made a video showing how to make your own magnetic lashes at home!

  17. Haha a baby deer … little doe !! Hysterical this is the last of my party… whoever that guy is needs stand-up comedy show hysterical!!! Great job

  18. Agne B. says

    My god the sound quality is so bad

  19. Harry Potter says

    They are so cool but they are not cheap at all like other cool things:D So I'll be sticking with my glue,thank you very much:^3

  20. Brittany Barrett says

    I thought he was on buzzfeed. What happened?

  21. Kara says

    Comments: 100% "they copied Safiya"

  22. Midge Ysmin Balicha says

    I thought it was angelina jolie

  23. The Untamed Unicorn says

    They don't even look good

  24. Pengo898 says

    Can you imagine if it set off a metal detector and having to take off your lashes xD

  25. Stacy Jeffery says

    what is up with the filming what

  26. Sally Hsu says

    Did they forget to film this with a camera?

  27. Ray Hodjat says

    Is one of those girls Selena? I swear she could pass for her any day.

  28. Liz Chesley says

    people keep getting annoyed with these comments, but theyre stealing saf's content. yes, other people made this video before saf. but buzzfeed is CONSISTENTLY taking content from saf. its not like people cant make this same video just becuase saf made one, its just that this is probably around the 5th time buzzfeed has made the same video as saf. theyre repetitively copying her, and i promise that is 10x more annoying than seeing comments calling buzzfeed out for being unoriginal and unprofessional

  29. Candra says

    They probably fall off too easily

  30. SugaKih says

    "i feel like a little baby deer"

  31. Nathalie Avila says

    straight copying Safiya

  32. Jessica Wilkinson says

    Desk keep complete in Ms liberal focus variable.

  33. dahiana72 says

    safiya did this like last year and it was different, I belive her video was more realistic than this. this is like an sposored video by this magnetic eye lashes. Not realistic to me.

  34. Bella Peralta says

    0:26 do you mean Safiya's video… Smh

  35. Morgaine Hunter says

    NOBODY COPIED SAFIYA. Don't get me wrong I love her and her channel but I wouldn't consider this "copying" many other gurus have tried this out it's just a trend, many people are doing videos on it. Gosh

  36. maknaeelove says

    The quality of the recording

  37. TheICEgirl6100 says

    safiya fans are so annoying
    like your fav follows trend just like everyone else she's not the first and she won't be the last, get over it

  38. Kaitlyn Suther says

    Saf did this hmm

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