We Tried Passing A High School Driver's Test

We Tried Passing A High School Driver's Test
“The last time I drove with you, we got in that accident.” Subscribe to As/Is: https://bzfd.it/2QaN0dR About As/Is: Subscribe for daily videos & series about beauty, …

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  1. Catherine Boylan says

    you guys should do following our dream jobs schedule!

  2. Br andon says

    “That’s Pharrell digging a hole” lmfao

  3. Vanida Kotimanusvanij says

    what school have drivers ed? my higschool didnt have it

  4. idk idk says

    you should do "We spent the day in life of a middle schooler"

  5. Jeanette Aquino says

    Omg I love Jazz and Lindsey but the instructor stole the show for me! I was cracking up so much with his reactions and humor😂 “oh they’re not cute”

  6. Crystal Villa says

    Smoke weed together

  7. Ash Money says

    Did anyone else see Katie Leblanc’s name in the credits?! I didn’t know she produced!!!!!

  8. Lisa Blahnik says

    since drivers ed was an expensive lengthy processes (you had to log a particular amount of drivers hours before you could take the road test) i waited til i was 18 and my parents show me everything i needed to know. saved money and got my licence a lot quicker.

  9. maureen says

    does anyone know what font the subtitles are?

  10. Ariella Stoltman says

    i took mine today and passed with a 98😤

  11. Audrey says

    My only words are lol and I’m excited to do drivers ed myself now 😂

  12. yt meimei says

    I was a friendship like theirs

  13. Patti says

    I’m confused. Where I am from (Germany), you actually sit in to take classes (mandatory) before you have about a million assisted driving hours with an instructor. After that, you take a really hard test where you can’t get more than 3/40 questions wrong before you have the driving test with your instructor and the actual testing person. They will tell you when you fail immediately and I had several friends that failed theirs the first time. Oh, did I mention you pay $2000 at least? How is it soooo easy in America????

  14. Elsy Rivero says

    Lindsay and jazz are my faves they should have their own channel

  15. YessiVlogs says


  16. Tanaja Sanford says

    I actually need him for my anxiety lol cuz u do have to keep calm when you’re driving

  17. Kotomi Hachico says

    I love these type of videos!! Please make more

  18. MAH Life says


  19. Reddolphin6366 says

    They should retake the SAT or one AP Test.

  20. The Dancing Chef Abby says

    Buzzfeed knows my 2020 goals

  21. Gwen Noelyn says

    Im literally taking segment 2 tomorrow

  22. procrastination.incognito says

    Where was this when I was stressing about my driving test! Definitely would have calmed me down

  23. TheGiggleMagic says

    "Whip that bih "🤣

  24. G Mix says

    I need to know where Lindsey got that 🙁 top from

  25. Teiah Millar says

    australian schools don’t have drivers ed lol. you get your learners when you turn 16, after passing a multiple choice exam. then you drive 100hours with a supervisor & once you’re 17 then you can go for your actual driving test and (hopefully) get your license (also this all costs like $500 + i spent $600 on driving lessons)

  26. Olive The Nanday Conure says

    Eyebrows? I think not!

  27. Marta Vélez says


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